Google Now adds Inferred events for improved integration of Gmail and Calendar

Google Now makes your calender smarter than before by adding the inferred events feature which integrates Gmail and Calender. The inferred events service was rumored to feature in the Google Now earlier this year, but there was no credible information on when the feature will be available on the Android devices. But finally the silence is broke and the update surfaced on some of the devices which integrates the Gmail entries to the Calendar app through Google Now cards.

The latest features brings some cool features to the already popular Google Now platform and this easily adds every possible events from your Gmail app to your calendar which brings constant notifications of the saved events. For instance, if you received an email from your friend on catching up on a party later in the week, the new feature in the Google Now will monitor the event from Gmail and create a Google Now card that suggests you on adding the event to your calendar through a pop-up confirmation box.

Google has also provided an Off switch to this feature, if you find it annoying and more of a resource hog. Nevertheless the inferred events feature in the Google Now is very useful for those who are too busy to manage their schedules, just turn on this feature and let the Google Now take care of the rest of your events.

So if you are hoping to see it on your device, you have to wait until the update hits the Play store. Until then we have to either wait or look out for any ported form of this update.

Via 9to5google