Google Maps to Get a Timeline Feature That Stores Your Location History on Your Phone Locally

Google Maps is among the apps that get regular updates, and with the recent announcement, the company plans to make your location history more accessible through a feature called Timeline. As the name implies, Timeline will remember all the places you’ve been to in the past and will be powered by the existing Location History functionality. 

Location History is disabled for all Google accounts by default but users who have opted to turn it on will soon see a Timeline section inside the Google Maps app on their iPhones. The main change here is that the places you’ve been to will be stored locally on the phone as opposed to being saved on the cloud. 

This way, if you use Google Maps across multiple devices, your visits and routes will be saved separately on each of your devices, thus giving you more control of your location history. You still get the option to back up your location data to the cloud if you wish to access your location history from various devices. 

Timeline settings will be accessible by tapping on the blue dot icon that shows your current location on the map. Google says the new blue dot controls will become available on both Android and iOS versions of the Google Maps app in the coming weeks. 

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    Google Timeline is a unique experience I noticed on Google Maps,accurately precise location tag and pin makes it perfect. A 5star rating.

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