Google I/O app updated for 2017 events and all

Google I/O 2017

The Google I/O 2017 event is around the corner where the company announces the latest version of Android alongside various other things.

Now if you’ve ever been a part of the event personally or remotely, chances are, you are aware of the dedicated Google I/O app on Play Store. The search engine giant is pushing an update to the app with details surrounding this year’s event which, as usual, will commence on May 17.

The Google I/O app will now allow you to reserve seats for the events you intend to attend way before the schedule. This feature is obviously limited only to the onsite attendees of the event.

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Also, you can get to know latest information and updates regarding the event in Feed. Moreover, the travel information alongside various other important details regarding the event can also be found on the updated app.

That’s not all, there are a bunch of other features already included in the app such as saving specific events to your schedule, getting reminders, and the like.

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