Latest Hangouts update now supports chat from within video calls

All of us who are Google loyalists use hangouts in our day to day lives. That’s not to say only Google loyalists use it, but with WhatsApp gaining video calling and all, you would be hard pressed to find Hangouts users who aren’t Google pros. The same is true stock Android loyalists. We find that using Google apps the way it was meant to be used, makes us… well, Googly.

With that said, Hangouts just received a huge update bringing with it, the ability to chat during video calls. Along with that, navigation through chats has also received a much needed feature, jumping to the latest message.

To chat while on a video call, just press the back button to reach usual chats windows.

Instead of scrolling through countless messages to get read something you wanted and scrolling back to see the latest message, you can get there in one simple tap. Though it does leave us wondering why Google couldn’t have added this feature long back.

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Another much needed feature we would all love to have, Google if you’re listening, is to search through conversations. Similar to jumping to last read message without having to scroll, it would be great if we could search for something without having to scroll.

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The problem is, there are just too many messaging platforms (Google Messenger, Allo, Duo, Hangouts, Gmail, Inbox…Sigh…) from Google itself. This could probably be why it takes the time and effort to keep each of those apps up to date.

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