Google fixes the notification sound problem wherein DND and silent mode were being ignored

A lot of users took to Google Issue tracker and Reddit to share the problems they had been facing where the phone won’t respect the volume settings for notifications. It happened when the device was connected to a Bluetooth device.

users reported that even when the device was put to silent mode or DND, they would still hear the notification sound, something which clearly shouldn’t happen on those modes. And the problem was not limited to Pixel devices only as users of Samsung Galaxy S10, S9S8, Note 9 (again), A5 2017, and LG G8, OnePlus 3T, etc. also reported the issue.

But the problem should be solved now. Google today took to Reddit to confirm that they have fixed the issue and have already rolled out an OTA update for this. The bug-fixer update would be available to you as an OTA soon enough, and the bug should be quashed away with immediate effect once you install the update.

Here’s Google’s comment:

We’ve identified a solution to resolve the issues reported here, and have begun rolling out a fix this week. The update will happen automatically, so users should notice improvements immediately.

It’s safe to say Google is talking about updates for their own Pixel sets only. So, if you are using a Samsung, OnePlus, or any other device, your wait will continue until the respective OEMs rolls out a dedicated update for your particular device.

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