Google Duo update that brings Android tablet support is now available

Google Duo app

Even though Google Duo, the search giant’s video chatting app, has been around since 2016, it has only recently been updated with support for Android and iOS tablets.

Google announced the entire Duo app has been finally fully optimized to work on tablets in late August. Well, the update bringing this to slate owners is finally available for everyone. This means that users will be able to take advantage of support for both portrait and landscape mode.

The service should be easy to set up on your device and quite intuitive to use too thanks to the custom UI. While Google started testing this dedicated UI ever since July, it did so only with select users. But now everyone with a tablet can take the new and optimized Duo app out for a quick spin.

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On top of that, Duo is also getting support for video chats on Android and iOS tablets.

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