Google could expand Call Screen support to Android One phones

Call Screen Image

Google Pixel phones have a number of exclusive features and among one of the most useful ones is Call Screen that safeguards users against annoying spammers.

Introduced first in the Google Pixel 3, the feature has since found its way to older Pixels via software updates, but up to now, the search giant hadn’t given any slight indication that it is willing to open up the feature to non-Google Pixel phones.

According to a discovery made by Redditor u/hkyq, Google has plans to expand Call Screen support to a certain set of Android One phones. So far, Nokia and Motorola are the two names popping up via the latest beta version of the Google Phone app, but we all know even LG and Xiaomi, among others, also make Android One phones.

It must be noted that we don’t have any details of the specific phones, but given that Motorola only has a couple or so Android One phones on the market, our guess is easy. As for Nokia, all of its devices are under the Android One banner, which could imply that all of them will get this feature.

Of course, even if Nokia decides to give all of its devices the Call Screen feature, it may not be available to all units at once. Most probably, the feature will first arrive on models sold in the U.S., including the Nokia 9 PureView, Nokia 7.1, and Nokia 6.1, among others.

It’s also likely that Canadians will be among the first ones to benefit from this move thanks to the fact that Google recently expanded the Call Screen support to Pixel phones sold in the country.


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