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Get Google Assistant on Android Lollipop and Tablets without root using Google Assistant Launcher app [APK]

A nifty little trick is out now, that lets you install the Google Assistant on your smartphone even if your device is running on Android Lollipop. Sure, you may have already used “Ok Google” before on your smartphone, but the Google Assistant will let you have more context aware conversations including a few clever questions you could play around with for fun.

A while ago XDA member Nikhilkumar038 found a trick to use Google Assistant on device not officially supported by Google. This trick involved launching an activity from the Google app which directly pops up Google Assistant instead of Google Now when triggered. However, you would need to install an activity launcher and then spot and target that particular activity to get things going. It doesn’t require root access but is still pretty techie for the average Android user. Thankfully though, we now have a nifty little app called “Google Assistant Launcher” to do all this for you.

Developed by Jovic77, the Google Assistant launcher can even take over Google Now’s spot from the long press on home button, and instead launch the Google Assistant when you hold the Home button. The app works on all Android 5.0+ devices including Android Tablets.

Download Google Assistant Launcher (.apk)

The app isn’t available on Play Store, so you’ll have to download the app’s APK file from the download link above and install it normally like you’d install any other apk file on your Android device. Once installed, simply open the app and you’ll get the Google Assistant screen. To make things even more seamless, just hold the Home button on your device and select Google Assistant as default to be able to launch Google Assistant from any screen by simply holding the Home key.