Google Allo 7.0 update brings Animated Emojis and Android Auto support

Google Allo app has received an update to version 7.0 with support for animated emojis and Android auto. The update also brings a host bug fixes and performance improvements to the app.

With the new animated emojis support, you will be able to add a second layer of emotions into your messages making conversations even more fun (provided your friends are the fun type).

Google Allo was launched before the arrival of Google’s Pixel devices. In fact, the messaging platform was more on the lines of the experience Google aimed to deliver with Pixel devices. Fortunately, Google didn’t lock Allo and Duo onto Pixel alone. And now the Google Assistant too seems to have escaped that fate, with the app expected to be available on all Android devices soon.

Even though there was a lot of hype over the launch of Allo and Duo, the aftereffects of the app didn’t last long with the general public noticing an excess of messaging platforms from Google.

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