Google adds Clipboard feature to Gboard

The Gboard keyboard application is one of the best keyboard applications available on Android. Gboard has the best text prediction and auto-correct amongst the bunch of other keyboard applications. Before the rebranding, the stock Google keyboard was not even close to its competition from keyboard apps such as Swype and Swiftkey, both of which offered a ton of features.

After Google decided to rebrand its keyboard application to Gboard, it has been receiving regular updates and new features. Gboard now has GIF support and sticker support as well a cool floating keyboard mode which can be really handy.

A few folks over at XDA Developers managed to manually enable the clipboard manager in Gboard (version 7.7). This feature was long due on the Google keyboard since most major keyboard applications such as Swiftkey already have a clipboard manager baked into the keyboard.


If you aren’t familiar with what a clipboard manager is used for, then we’re happy to explain. The clipboard feature stores all the text you might have copied and lets you access it whenever you please. The feature is very convenient especially if you copy and paste stuff often when using your smartphone.

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To use the Gboard ‘Clipboard’ feature, simply tap on the Google logo when you’re using the Gboard keyboard. You would be able to see a clipboard icon in the top bar. Tap on the clipboard icon and then you’d be able to see all your recent copied texts.

You can also pin frequently used words or sentences to access them conveniently and use them in a text field with a simple tap.

Images source: XDA Developers

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