Global LG G5 units are now receiving Android 8.0 Oreo update


The LG G5 mobile phones across the world have started receiving Android Oreo 8.0 OTA update. We are talking about the international variant that comes as model H850, while LG has already updated the T-Mobile and Verizon G5 units to 8.0 recently.

LG G5, the flagship device from 2016, was far from being a success in the market despite the overwhelming success of its predecessor, LG G4. We did tell you that it was in the making and it even hit users in Vietnam first, but we wouldn’t blame you if had lost faith in the company that they’ll ever work on the Oreo OTA update given the massive delay here. However, the tech giant did not disappoint its customers and is rolling out the much-awaited Android Oreo update on its global model.

We are talking Android Pie rollout nowadays while LG is still distributing the Android Oreo for its eligible flagship devices.

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During the phone’s grand release in 2016, LG looked very committed to the phone’s modular design and were seen giving developers early access to their devices and kits for its custom modules. They looked set to continue their modular platform for future generations too before cutting the plan short due to poor response from consumers.

Thankfully, despite LG giving up on its modular design, they did not abandon those who stayed put with their LG G5, and now they can reap the rewards of their patience with the Oreo OTA update on their phones.

Source: XDA