Galaxy S8 slow charging issue: Possible solution and why it is happening

Galaxy S8 smartphone

After the whole Galaxy Note 7 battery blow-up debacle, Samsung has been super tight when it comes to battery charging and safety. This is one of the reasons that the battery capacity on Galaxy flagship devices has not been upgraded from 3000mAh for the past three years in a row.

The fact that Samsung has adopted Fast Charging technology for the Galaxy S8 makes it much easier to top up with some juice quickly. However, there have been recent reports that the Fast Charging feature on the Galaxy S8 is not as effective as promised, even when used with the original accessories.

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Interestingly, it can be noticed that although Fast Charging symbol was always displayed on the screen, the charging time differed greatly based on the physical state of the device. It seems that as a precautionary measure, Samsung limits the ability of the Galaxy S8 to make the most out of the Fast Charging technology.

Since the temperature of the device would naturally increase if the screen is turned on for a long period of time, it could automatically trigger the battery to charge slower and avoid any chances of spontaneous combustion or slow performance and the like issues.

The solution here is to plug in your Galaxy S8 and let it charge with the screen turned off to make the most out of its fast charging feature.

Additionally, you could try any of the following tricks to make sure that your Galaxy S8 has the resources it needs to put the Fast Charging feature to good use:

  1. Use only the original Adaptive Fast Charger that comes with the Galaxy S8.
  2. Try replacing the USB Type-C cable if it has any abrasions or cuts anywhere along the wire.
  3. Let the device reach around 20% of battery charge before you plug it in for a full charge cycle.

Do you think it is time Samsung brings about its own fast charging technology like OnePlus has with Dash Charge, or are you still worried about the Galaxy phones blowing up? Share your thoughts in the comments section right down below!

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  1. i have issue of slow charging but i have consult with android expert and they told me charge same cable which you got for s8 so your phone will get proper power and charging fast and you phone will take long lasting battery.

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