Download One UI 2 apps on Galaxy S8!

Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile phone

As we know, Samsung is pretty determined to release Android 10 in record time and make One UI 2 as widely accessible as possible. So far, only the Galaxy S10 family has been blessed with One UI 2 beta, that too, in select regions. The Note 10 duo is set to receive the update next, but Samsung is yet to confirm the release date.

The Galaxy S9 duo and Note 9 will also receive One UI 2 eventually, but 2016 flagships, the S8 devices and Note 8, aren’t that lucky. As the spec sheet tells us, the S8 duo is more than capable of running Android 10. So, it’s only Samsung’s reluctance that’s keeping the S8 from getting the much-anticipated One UI 2 update.

Thankfully, unlike the South Korean OEM, developers over at XDA haven’t abandoned the S8 devices and are working constantly to give them a taste of One UI 2. A developer has recently posted a .zip file that would allow S8 users to use some of One UI 2 apps β€” Dialer, Browser, Clock, Calendar, Messaging, Samsung apps, and more β€” on their device. The installation is pretty straightforward, as you’d only need to flash the file through recovery.

Download: One UI 2 .zip package from XDA Developers

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