Samsung announces One UI 2 beta for S10 lineup in the US [Update: Europe too!]

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Update [October 09, 2019]: One UI 2 has been announced for Europe too.

After weeks of speculation, Samsung made its Android 10 update when it announced the One UI 2 for Korea yesterday. Thankfully, we now have the details of One UI 2 beta program for the US too as Samsung US announced the update on its forums today.

As expected, the Galaxy S10 lineup — S10, S10e, and S10 Plus — will get the update ahead of any other Samsung device, including the Note 10 duo. Eligible Galaxy S10 handsets in the include S10e, S10, and S10+ at T-Mobile, Sprint and the unlocked handsets (in the US only). Yes, the S10 5G is left out for now but given the limited no of users of the device, it’s understandable.

Last year, the South Korean OEM released Android 9 Pie-based One UI beta in November, marking the company’s fastest rollout in ages. This year, Samsung is determined to beat the record they set in 2018, aiming to roll out the beta at least a month early.

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S10 One UI 2 beta T-Mobile and SprintAnd as per the company’s latest announcement on its US forum, they look to be very much on track. Samsung will bring the One UI 2 beta first to “consumers who use the Galaxy S10/S10e/S10+ on Sprint and T-Mobile or Samsung unlocked device.”

To join the One UI 2 program in the US, users will need to refer to Samsung Members’ banner regarding the One UI 2 beta on the beta opening date — not yet open but could go live in the next few days. There’s no mention of Samsung’s latest flagships, Note 10 and Note 10 Plus, so, we believe the two won’t be getting One UI 2 alongside their S10 siblings, after all.

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Samsung announced the One UI 2 beta program in Korea on Monday but didn’t confirm a release date. Registrations haven’t started in Korea as well.

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