[Update: Pre-orders open on April 18] Verizon to release Galaxy S10 5G on May 16

Galaxy S10 Plus

Update [April 05, 2019]: Apparently, Verizon will begin taking orders for the Galaxy S10 5G on April 18th, with May 16th spared for in-store availability. This is according to a report by Bloomberg, but still, no specific price details have been mentioned. The phone will arrive on AT&T and other U.S. carriers later this year. Original article continues below.

It appears that the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G will be available in the US in May this year. While Samsung gets ready for the S10 5G’s South Korea release tomorrow, the US may have a date to pin their anticipation on.

The info about the US release of the S10 5G comes from the famous leakster Evan Blass, aka @evleaks, who revealed in a tweet that points to the S10 5G release date in the US at Verizon Wireless on May 16.

This will give Verizon users another 5G mobile handset to choose from after they made Motorola Moto Z3 ready yesterday by bringing support for 5G Moto Mod via an update that also brought them Android 9 Pie.

There is still no word on how much it will cost in the US, but the price for the S10 5G (256GB) in Korea will start at around $1200. American buyers are hoping it’ll cost around the same as the Galaxy S10+ (512GB) sells at $1249.

In Korea, the S10 5G will be sold along with a few free gifts, like a pair of Galaxy Buds and a wireless charger. Let’s hope American buyers get some of these goodies too.

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When the Galaxy S10 5G was announced, a lot of us were both excited and confused. The Galaxy S10+, the most powerful in the S series till date, was already available on the market and we had to make some tough decisions. Should one wait for the S10 5G or make do with the S10+? For those who waited, it seems like your prayers may be answered very soon.

The Galaxy S10 5G comes with a host of features that are not present in the Galaxy S10 series including the S10+. First of all, there’s the 5G aspect. Verizon launched 5G services in Chicago and Minneapolis in the US today, so they are definitely ready for the phone. 5G allows speeds up to 1GBps — something which AT&T successfully achieved under testing — which definitely is a game changer.

The camera is another reason why the S10 5G makes a better option over all the other phones in the Galaxy S series. The Galaxy S10 5G will have four cameras in the box as opposed to the triple camera setup in the S10+. The camera setup includes a 3D depth camera that will be used for augmented reality experiences and more. It is not available on the S10+.

The phone will have a very powerful battery at 4500 mAh, the biggest in the S series. The S10+ stands at 4000 mAh. the S10 5G is also going to be a fairly large phone. The screen size is reported to be around 6.7 inches. This is huge in comparison to the Galaxy S10+ screen which stands at 6.4 inches.

There are too many reasons why the Galaxy S10 5G is going to be one of the most important phones of the year. The most important reason, however, would be the fact that it may be in your hands as early as May 16.


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