[Fix] Music Widget Unavailable on the Lock Screen on iPhone on iOS 16

iOS 16 is the latest iteration of iOS from Apple with numerous improvements and new features. Among these is the overhauled design of the lock screen which now features widgets, at a glance information, custom lock screen fonts, and a new way to deliver notifications from the bottom of your screen. 

The iOS 16 lock screen also improves on existing widgets including the Music widget for the lock screen. However, many users have been facing an issue where the widget is simply unavailable for the Music app. If you’re in the same boat then here’s a known fix that can help you get back the music widget in iOS 16.

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How to fix the music widget not available on lock screen issue on iOS 16

We can fix the Music widget not showing up on the iOS lock screen by changing our device language and back again. This helps fix the bug that prevents the music widget from showing up on the iOS 16 lock screen. Follow the steps below to help you along with the process. 

Open the Settings app on your device and tap General.

Tap Language & Region.

Tap Add Language….

Now choose another language familiar to you.

You will now be asked to select your preferred primary language. Tap and select your new language.

Your device will now switch to the new language. Once done, swipe left on your default language from earlier.

Select Delete or the relevant option in your chosen language.

Tap Continue.

Now restart your device for good measure. Once your device restarts, open the Settings app and tap General again.

Select Language & Region.

Now tap Add Language… or it’s alternative in your chosen language.

Tap and select your preferred default language.

Select your chosen language as the primary language for your device.

Your language will now be changed across your device. Once done, swipe left on the old language. 

Select Delete.

Tap Continue.

Your device will now switch back to your default language completely. Restart your device once more and try playing a song through the music app. Once you lock your device, the music widget should be available on your lock screen as usual.

And that’s how you can fix the music widget on iOS 16. 

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Why is the music widget missing from the lock screen on iOS 16?

Depending on your setup and update process to iOS 16, some background settings can end up facing conflicts. It seems region restrictions get incorrectly applied during these conflicts for the music widget which prevents it from showing up on your lock screen.

Switching the device language temporarily helps establish the correct changes for your device which in turn helps restore the music widget on your lock screen. This is according to user reports and speculation for now. There has been no official word from Apple on the same.

We hope this post helped you easily restore the music widget on your lock screen. If you face any issues or have any more questions, feel free to reach out using the comments below.


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