Fix: Bluetooth mouse not working with Book Cover Keyboard on GalaxyTab S7/S7+

The GalaxyTab S7 and S7+ are among the best tablets out there, hands down. Owners of these wonder-tablets make the most of their S7/S7+ by using it with a GalaxyTab Book Cover Keyboard and a mouse. Such a setup is ideal for productivity with the Galaxy Ecosystem. 

But a recent One UI 3 update has made it harder for those who use a Bluetooth mouse for their setup. Let’s find out what could be going wrong and how to fix it with a simple workaround.

Why is my Bluetooth mouse not working with GalaxyTab Book Cover Keyboard?

When you attach a Book Cover Keyboard to your GalaxyTab S7 or S7+, you will notice instantly that your Bluetooth device will stop functioning. The problem, however, goes away as soon as the book cover keyboard is disconnected and the Bluetooth mouse starts working again.

The main culprit behind this issue is the One UI 3.1 update that aims at streamlining the Galaxy Ecosystem experience with its Wireless Keyboard Sharing feature. 

When this feature is turned on, your trackpad and the keyboard will act as Bluetooth devices and sideline your Bluetooth mouse.

Fix for Bluetooth mouse not working with GalaxyTab Book Cover Keyboard 

The simplest way to fix this problem is to turn off this new Wireless Keyboard Sharing feature. To do so, simply press Cmd (command) and the Language button together. 

Once keyboard sharing is disabled, you will be able to use your Bluetooth mouse as well as the book cover keyboard together. Of course, the drawback here is that you won’t be able to use the keyboard with your phone with the keyboard sharing feature turned off. 

Another workaround that could possibly help would be to plug in a USB receiver and use the mouse as a USB device. Otherwise, keep the keyboard sharing feature turned off and you can use the Bluetooth mouse alongside your Book Cover Keyboard for GalaxyTab S7 and S7+. 


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  1. what is the Language buton on the keyboard when you say to press cmd and laungauage?

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