Facebook Moments app lets you easily share photos with your friends

facebook moments

Facebook has just announced an application called Moments that is designed to facilitate in sharing the photos from the particular events with those who where with you. This is a great idea by the social networking firm as it will let you share your photos easily with your friends.

The highlight of this app is that you need not do anything other than simply syncing your camera gallery to the Moments app. Facebook will use its face recognition feature and sync the images with the Facebook Moments users.

facebook moments

After syncing, the photos will be grouped based on when they were clicked and the recognized users’ faces. Your friends can select to sync with you and all the images of the participant will be grouped together so that the whole group can see, download or share the same.

As Facebook’s image recognition software identifies the participants and shares the photos with your friends, the social network will make use of its Messenger to notify your friends whenever your share the photos with them.

As of now, there is no clue if the firm is planning to integrate this feature to Facebook in the future. You can download Facebook Moments application from the Google Play Store.

Source: Facebook