Facebook Messenger now looks like iMessage

Update [April 13, 2017]: You know who is good at copying. It’s the Facebook. After incorporating Snapchat stories in all of its appsMessenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, Facebook has now copied Apple’s iMessage. The new design of Facebook Messenger is strikingly similar to iMessage.

Facebook has shrunk the size of typing area and made it a lot smaller, similar to the one we find on iMessage. Also, they have relocated the camera, gallery, emoji, GIF and other buttons. Earlier they were available on top of the typing area, but now the camera, gallery, voice clip and more button, are present before the typing area while stickers, GIFs and Emojis are grouped under one smiley icon present after the typing area. To write a message, we first have to tap the Aa area which then expands making it easier to write the message.

Update [March 24, 2017]: Facebook has added two new features to its Messenger app. Users can now send reactions to a message and even mention people in a chat.

Message reactions are a cool way to express how you feel about a message, photo, or a video. You simply tap and hold on a message to reveal the emotions and select the one that describes your reaction. You will also be able to see who reacted how to what message.

The second feature is the ability to mention someone inside of a chat. If you want someone to read the chat but they aren’t in the group, you can simply mention them using ‘@’ and they will be notified. Only the mentioned user will receive the notification that they’ve been called out.

It all works exactly how it works on Facebook. According to an official post, these features are currently rolling out and should be available for all in the next few days. The features would also be available for Work Chat in Workplace.

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