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Just a couple of days ago we shared with you the Google Play APK version 4.2.3 which was leaked from a system dump of Android 4.3 leak for Nexus 4.

Now Google has officially announced the Android 4.3 for Nexus range of devices along with a  new Nexus 7. And while the Android 4.3 builds weren’t running any surprisingly new Play Store version, the new Nexus 7 does seem to be running a newer version of Google Play Store, that’s version 4.2.9.

We didn’t see any changes in the previously leaked build and neither are we seeing anything new in this build as well. Now there could be some changes in the code relating to restricting user access and disabling in-app purchases which were announced as features of Android 4.3. So we’ll update you more on this later. For now, let’s just go ahead and download the latest Google Play apk v4.2.9.

Download Google Play APK v4.2.9

Google Play Store 4.2.9

Size: 5.85 MB

How to Install Google Play APK 4.2.9

Below is a neat and noob proof guide for installing Google Play APK OR just about any APK.

  1. Transfer the APK you downloaded to your phone. Both internal and external memory would work.
  2. In order to install an app using its installation file in .apk format from phone’s sdcard or internal memory, you first need to enable that from settings. Here’s how:
    • Android 2.3 (and below) → Go to Settings » Application » check ‘Unknown Sources’ box.
      Settings for Android 4.3 and below versions
    • Android 4.0 (and above) → Go to Settings » Security and check ‘Unknown Sources’ box.
      Settings for Android 4.0 and above versions
  3. You will need a file explorer to go to folder where you downloaded APK on phone or transferred it from PC. We would recommend the Clean File Manager app, however any file manager would do fine. Now, open the file explorer app and go to folder where you downloaded/transferred the Google Play Store APK file. (Btw, if you downloaded it on phone, it should be in Download folder)
  4. Now, tap on the Google Play Store APK file – play.4.2.9 – to begin installation and you will be done in less than a minute
    Google Play APK 4.2.9 Installation
[featurearea title=”Note” icon=”no”] This Google Play APK file will only work on devices which come pre-installed with Google Play Store. You cannot install it on a device that is not certified for Google Play Store. [/featurearea]

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  2. Has Abhijeet Mishra joined If no then why isn’t he posting anything?

  3. Has Abhijeet Mishra joined If no then why isn’t he posting anything?

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