Download Android Oreo Wallpapers and Ringtones

Did all leaks and rumors around the features of Android 8.0 caught your attention lately? Well, the search engine giant just made everything official with the release of Android O developer preview builds. And it is already available for all Pixel devices and Nexus 6P, 5X and Player.

We’re flashing the Android O developer preview to our own Pixel and Nexus devices, and will be digging for new and exciting stuff Google has bundled with the Android O release. However, for those of you who cannot install the developer preview release, here are all the new Android O wallpapers and ringtones we extracted from the system images Android O dev preview.

We found one new wallpaper in Android O, 10 ringtones, 8 notification tones, 10 alarm tones and 24 UI sounds. We’ve zipped all these files together, grab them at the download links below.

→ Download Android O Wallpaper (2880 x 2560): Download link

→ Download Android O Ringtones: Download link

Android O Wallpapers Gallery

We’ll be posting more stuff on Android O as dig more into the 2017 iteration of Android. Stay tuned..

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  1. Its good to see the new wallpapers from google

  2. Its good to see the new wallpapers from google

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