Do Instagram Reels Disappear?

Do Instagram Reels Disappear

In a major update to their app, Instagram has added a new feature called ‘Reels‘. The Facebook-owned company has just launched the update in over 50 countries including the U.S. Since this feature is so new, there is a lot of confusion surrounding it. In the article, we will address the question of disappearing Instagram Reels and how to keep them on your profile.

What is Instagram Reels?

Instagram has added a new function to its app to let users create short videos of themselves. Reels has been added to the camera page of the Instagram app. This lets users create and post videos right within the app. Reels also lets you upload videos from your gallery.

Instagram Reels ushered in some cosmetic changes to the app. There is now a dedicated ‘Reels’ tab in your profile where all your recorded and posted Reels will live. Additionally, The Discover page now features Reels at the top.

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Where can you post your Instagram reels?

Instagram Reels has been made to fit into every aspect of the app. However, the location of your posting will determine the audience of your Reels. Listed below is where you can post your Reels within the Instagram app.

Instagram Profile: By default when you post a Reels video, it gets added to your profile. If this is the first time you have created a Reels video, you will notice a new tab created on your profile. All your recorded Reels will consequently be added to the Reels tab on your Instagram profile. You can also choose to add them to your profile grid (along with the rest of your posts).

Instagram Story: You can post your Reels video to your Story so that anyone in your Friends list can view it. You can also control the audience of your Story by using ‘Close Friends’. This lets you decide who can view that particular story.

Instagram DM (Direct Message): You can send you recorded Reels video as a DM to whomever you want. This way you get to decide exactly who you would like to show your video to. DM Reels appear as playable videos in the conversation.

Do Instagram Reels disappear?

As mentioned above, Reels can be shared in a variety of ways. Your Reels may disappear depending on the location you share them to.

Instagram Profile: When you share Reels to your Instagram profile, they are added to the Reels tab by default. You can also choose to add them to your profile grid (along with the rest of your posts). Once on your profile, the Reels will not disappear unless you delete them. Reels on your profile are visible to everyone in your friends list (or everyone if you have a Public profile)

Instagram Story: Reels shared to your Instagram story will disappear after 24 hours. This is because they follow the same rule that applies to stories. Past 24 hours, the Reels video will not be viewable on your Instagram story.

Instagram DM (Direct Message): Reels sent as a Direct Message are only viewable once. Like images and videos sent from the Instagram camera, they only appear once. If you skip the Reel, you will not be able to play it again.

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Will your Reel appear in searches after you delete it?

No. Once you delete the Reel off your profile, it will no longer appear in searches or the Discover page. Unlike posts, Reels cannot be archived even if you add them to your profile grid. So the only way to prevent your Reels from showing up is to delete it.

Well, there you have it. Now you know when your Reels will disappear and where they can be posted so that they stay forever. If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us in the comments below.



  1. Hi there! Is there any of way moving or copying reels from your archive to the reels tab on profile page??

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  2. I am trying to learn if the green screen effect/,filter can be used while doing live instagram? Presumably Reels are recorded videos,?

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