How to block use of your original audio and music on Instagram Reels

block your music and audio use on reels

Instagram’s latest offering, Reels, allows you to record and share 15-seconds clips with your friends, followers, and the entire Instagram community. Interestingly, Instagram Reels lets you use your original audio to make the videos more engaging.

However, using original audio also earns you unanticipated exposure, as it allows other users to create Reels with your audio by tapping ‘Use Audio’ from your Reel.

Today, we’ll tackle the issue head-on and tell you how to stop others from using your original music, songs, and more on their Instagram Reels.

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Does Instagram attribute your original audio to you?

The Facebook-owned social media platform takes its fair usage policy quite seriously, which directly translates to giving creators the credit they deserve. So, yes, if you end up using original audio in Reels, Instagram will fairly attribute it to you. No Instagrammer would be able to use your audio without giving you the due credit.

How to stop Instagrammers from using your audio in Reels?

As per Instagram, if you have a Public profile, users would be able to pluck original from your Reels and use it in theirs, simply by tapping ‘Use Audio.’

To restrict that, all you need to do is change the visibility of your profile and set it to ‘Private.’

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Make your Insta profile ‘Private’

First, log in to your Instagram profile. Now, go to your profile page, tap on the hamburger menu at the top-right corner, and open ‘Settings.’

Next, go to ‘Privacy.’

Then, tap on ‘Account privacy.’

Finally, toggle on ‘Private account.’

That’s it!

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