Did Google confirm Pixel 4 accidentally?

Google Pixel 4

Officially, Google Pixel 3 and 3XL were brought into our lives just a few months ago in November last year. Unofficially, we had been feasting our eyes on leaked photographs of the smartphones since June 2018. Now, we’re already hearing about Pixel 4, but is it real? Looks like it is.

The Pixel 4 came up in a comment on an Android Open Source Project code change. You heard right! What’s more compelling is that the commented was posted by a Google employee. So, that does make Pixel 4 unofficially official!

The comment was in reference to a fix being developed for Google’s “KASAN” memory error detection tool. This particular Googler was trying the fix on a Pixel 3 due to the lack of a Pixel 4. We’re definitely convinced it’s out there somewhere.

While the post says nothing about the Google Pixel 4, it does point to its existence. Which matters to the many of us who are already looking at the Pixel 4 as their next device. No?

The phone is probably already being tested by Googlers. That’s enough for us to be walking with a spring in our step. 

What about you?

Google also has a couple of midranger handsets coming up, in and as Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. We know Pixel handsets have been pretty expensive till now, and Pixel 4 won’t be any exception probably, but the 3a handsets are something many people would love to spend their hard-earned cash on.