[Nov 2023 Update] How to Delete Your Threads Profile Without Deleting Instagram

Threads allows you to delete your Threads account without affecting your Instagram account in any way. This action was previously not possible as the only way to delete a profile on Threads was to also delete the associated Instagram account that was used to create a Threads account. With the latest Threads app update, you can delete your Threads profile without leaving Instagram. 

How to delete your Threads profile without leaving Instagram


Open the Threads app and go to the profile tab > 2-lines icon > Account > Deactivate or delete profile > Delete profile > (enter your Instagram password) > Delete Threads profile. 


  1. You can delete your Threads profile without leaving Instagram by first opening the Threads app on your phone. Inside Threads, tap on the profile tab at the bottom right corner.
  2. When your Threads profile loads up, tap on the 2-lines icon at the top right corner. This will open the Settings screen inside the Threads app. Here, tap on Account to proceed.
  3. Inside the Account screen, select Deactivate or delete profile. On the next screen, tap on Delete profile at the bottom. 
  4. You’ll see a popup screen asking you to confirm your action. To proceed, enter your Instagram password inside the “Password” text box and then tap on Delete Threads profile inside this prompt. 

Your Threads profile will now be deleted permanently. 

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What happens when you delete your Threads profile?

When you delete your Threads profile, the platform will remove your profile, all of your posts and other content, your likes, and your followers permanently. This action will be undertaken 30 days after you submit your request to delete your profile to Threads.

Although the content will remain available on your account during these 30 days, it won’t be visible to other people on Threads. Instagram says the deletion of content may take up to 90 days but copies of your content may remain in the platform’s backup storage in the event of disasters, errors in software, and data loss, or for things like legal issues, term violations, or harm prevention efforts. 

Can you retrieve your Threads profile after deleting it?

Yes. Since Threads will only start deleting your profile and its contents 30 days after your request is submitted, you’ll be able to retrieve your Threads profile anytime within these 30 days. You can cancel the deletion request by simply logging back into your Threads profile before the 30-day deadline.

As soon as you tap on Log in to sign into your Threads profile again, your profile and all of your content will be available on Threads and your posts will reappear for other users on the platform. Remember that this will only work if you log in to Threads within 30 days of sending the cancellation request. If you attempt to sign in after the deadline, you won’t be able to retrieve your Threads profile. 

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Can you sign up for a new profile on Threads using the same Instagram account?

Yes, but you have to wait another 90 days to use the same Instagram account to sign up on Threads. After 90 days, you can create a new Threads profile using your existing Instagram account. This won’t, however, be possible if your Threads profile was removed for violating Community Guidelines. 

If you attempt to use the same Instagram account to sign in to Threads within 30 days of deleting your Threads profile, you’ll only be able to sign back into your existing profile.

If it has been between 30-90 days since you deleted your profile, you won’t be able to sign in or sign up on Threads using the same Instagram account. During this period, the only way to sign up on Threads will be to use a different Instagram account to create a Threads profile. 

I cannot find the Delete profile option. Why?

The option to delete your profile is a new feature on Threads and it’s currently being rolled out to everyone on the platform. There’s a likelihood that you won’t see this option inside the Threads app on your phone yet. You can make sure the Threads app on your iPhone or Android device is up to date before checking the availability of the Delete profile option again. 

That’s all you need to know about deleting your Threads profile without leaving Instagram. 

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