How to Mention Someone on Threads Using the Mention Button or in a Post

What to know 

  • The “Mention” button in the Threads app lets you mention other users in your posts and replies.
  • You can find the Mention button on another user’s profile page.
  • You can also simply type @ and follow it up with the user’s profile name to find their profile and mention them in a post or reply. 
  • You can control who gets to mention you in the ‘Mentions’ section of the Privacy page. 

After only a few weeks of release, Threads is getting all those little features that peg it as a true Twitter rival. One of these features is the ability to mention others in your Threads posts which opens up a world of possibilities for you to interact with others more organically. Here’s everything you need to know to start mentioning other users in your Threads posts and replies.

How to find and use the mention button on someone’s Threads profile

Firstly, open the Threads profile that you want to mention in your post. 

Here, you’ll see a new Mention option. Tap on it to include it in your post. 

And straightaway, you’ll see their profile link embedded in your post draft. 

You can now continue crafting your Threads post as usual. 

How to mention someone in your post

Alternatively, if you already know someone’s profile name, then you can use the @ symbol to search and select them. To do so, first start with a new post or a reply.

Then type @ and start typing the name of the profile that you want to mention. 

Automatically, you will get a list of suggested profiles that match your text. Tap on the one that you want to mention. 

And continue with your Threads post as usual. 

Threads’ mention feature works similarly to Twitter’s. When you mention somebody in your post, their profile link will be highlighted and they will receive a notification about it once posted.    

Control who gets to mention you

You can also choose who gets to mention you on Threads and control your privacy. To do so, tap on your profile icon at the bottom right corner.

Tap on the two horizontal lines at the top right corner (above your profile image).

Select Privacy.

Select Mentions.

Then choose whether you want to allow “Everyone” to be able to mention you, only the “Profiles that you follow”, or “No one”. 


Let’s take a look at a couple of questions that users are bound to have about Threads’ mention button.

Can you mention someone in replies?

Yes, you can mention others in your posts as well as replies. Simply enter @ and their profile name, tap on their profile, and continue writing your reply.

Can anyone mention my profile in their Threads post?

If your mention settings are set to “Everyone”, then anyone can mention you in their Threads posts and replies. However, this can be changed from the ‘Mention’ settings on the Privacy page. Refer to the guide above to know more.

Threads’ new feature updates align well with how Meta sees its new social media app – a clear competition to Twitter. It is also gearing up to bring Threads to the website where all these features will get simpler. So stay tuned for further updates.