Confused Between Alternatives? Use the Decide Android App to Make Things Easy!


Remember those days when you use Inky-Pinky-Ponky formula to choose a winner among various choices. But now that you’re all grown up and hold a magical device said to run on android, you need a different way to help you make a quick decision without exposing your childhood in public. Well, some developer knew you would ask, and thus has come up with the Decide! android app that does just that.


  • Feed the choices into the app’s brain
  • Hit the big fat button ‘DECIDE’
  • Congrats, You got a winner!
  • As simple as that
  • Now say to child near you that GOD has send this decision. Or?

It’s good for those moments when you can’t decide and would like His divine intervention. Or in case you are not a believer, simply want to try your luck!

Real World Use of the app could be in selecting the clothes for the party or in case you’re as intelligent as my younger brother, choosing a girlfriend for the party. We know there are zillion of other uses, we would like you to say some in the comments. All Right?

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