Can’t pair Voice Remote with Google TV Chromecast? Here’s how to fix the issue

Google TV was just released on the new Chromecast and it has been creating quite a stir in the tech community. With its new and revamped UI alongside tons of features like 4K streaming and voice assistant on a budget, the new Chromecast seems to be the next best thing in entertainment.

If you have purchased the new unit by any chance then you might be in awe of the fancy controller that comes bundled with it. Sadly, pairing the Voice Remote seems to be causing some issues for some users. If you are having this problem too, then fear not as we have a fix for it. Let’s take a quick look at it.

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Why can’t I pair my Voice Remote with Google TV

The issue arises due to the way Chromecast and remote are designed to connect with each other. Both these devices use HQ Bluetooth to pair automatically with each other. Theoretically, this pairing should work automatically once the device has been through the initial setup.

Pairing works when your Chromecast is turned on, the device automatically starts scanning for nearby Bluetooth devices to find the relevant Voice Remote. Sadly, if your Chromecast fails to find your remote, the pairing mode is turned off after a while and there is no manual way to begin pairing again. The only fix for this is to restart your Chromecast so that the pairing process can begin again.

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How to know that Chromecast has stopped scanning for the remote

Once the scan for nearby Bluetooth devices fails, your new Chromecast with Google TV will play the following audio clip.

Restart needed

This is the default ‘Restart needed‘ chime set by Google which indicates that the Chromecast and Voice Remote have been unable to pair with each other. To fix this issue, you can use the guide below to restart your new Chromecast with Google TV.

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Restarting your Chromecast is a pretty straightforward process. You unplug your device from the wall and TV unit, wait for at least 5s and then replug them back in. Once replugged, power on your device and Tv unit, and the Chromecast should begin searching for the Voice Remote automatically.

Once paired, you should be able to use the remote with your Chromecast normally. You can try to push a few buttons on the remote in case the pairing does not happen immediately. This will wake your remote from sleep as well as send signals that will allow your Chromecast to pair with your Voice Remote much more efficiently.

And that’s it, you should now be able to use your Voice Remote with the new Chromecast. If you face any issues or have any questions for us, feel free to reach out using the comments section below.

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  1. My remote suddenly stopped working last night. I tried the steps above and it didn’t work. Any other ideas to try?

    1. add fresh batteries, it looks like it is working but will not have enough power for the bluetooth, fixed it for me

  2. Tried everything can’t pair remote no pulsing light

  3. mine wont work either out of the box wont connect it paired with another remote how do i unpair them and try the one that came with unit

  4. My Google TV Chromecast remote is not working. I tried to factory reset the remote per Google’s Support Center instructions. No joy. The remote still didn’t function, and the light on the front is pulsing slowing and continuously. I followed your instruction in this article (which is very well done). But the remote will still not work, and will not pair with the Chromecast dongle. Anything else I can do? And why is the light on the front of the remote continuously flashing slowing, even after a factor reset?

  5. Hello
    I’m trying to complete initial set up straight out of the box and the remote will not pair to progress through set up screens. Have followed above advice to nil avail. Remote it flashing but not pairing .

  6. Same issues, remote stopped working . slow blink, will not pair…. Argh on two tvs..

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