You can now change carriers easily on the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10 in the US

It’s been a few months since the official unveiling of the Galaxy S10 lineup. The devices come with a host of features and provide good value for your hard-earned money. Samsung, on the other hand, has continued to work on the S10 devices and been pushing updates worth noting. Samsung also has Android 10 update for the S10 in plans, but the release in the US may not be early as we previously thought.

While the dedicated Night Mode update got worldwide coverage, some additions have gone below the radar. And today, we are focusing on one such small yet significant update, like the ability to use QR code to join a Wi-Fi network, and share a Wi-Fi network’s password.

The September update is out for the Galaxy S9 and Note 10 but it’s yet to be available for any Galaxy S10, let alone the unlocked variants, but there’s something to note about the last month’s update. The August update for the unlocked S10, S10 Plus and S10e, added a very nice feature that lets you change carrier easily by simply swapping the SIM card, by enabling multi-carrier CSC support on the device.

Having multi-carrier CSC support allows you to insert any carrier’s (carrier A) SIM into your carrier-unlocked S10, and it’ll then boot into that carrier’s (carrier A) firmware.

For example, if you have an unlocked T-Mobile S10 (bought from T-Mobile by paying the full price), you could just swap out the T-Mobile SIM in favor of an AT&T one, and your phone will boot into AT&T’s firmware. Upon inserting the AT&T SIM and booting into its firmware, you’ll also get access to all exclusive AT&T features and services.

Multi-carrier CSC was already enabled on the Galaxy S9, Note 8, and Note 9. Now that the feature has been enabled on the S10, it’s only a matter of time before the South Korean OEM rolls it out for the Note 10, as well.

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