Canada to get LG Optimus G with Bell, Rogers and Telus. Price and Release Date not known yet.

Canada LG Optimus G

LG Optimus G is surely a phone to watch right now. With its spec-sheet having already impressed everyone, people are eagerly waiting for the Optimus G’s launch. Korea is sure to get it first of all — this week only — but now there is some good news for our fellow in Canada, for whom LG has confirmed the Optimus G — that it would arrive at 3 carriers: Bell, Telus and Rogers.

LG has left out other carriers in Canada like WIND and mobicity, but that’s not much of a concern since retail stores will have their share of Optimus G sets too.

So, let’s just hope that LG releases the Optimus G is pretty soon, before any of its solid hardware begins to be found in other smartphones which would take the shine off it — which is something that happens too much too easily in faster-than-ever mobile tech industry, especially Android.

One can expect the LG Optimus G to release in Canada in Q4 this year, even though there is no official word for that. LG has remained silent on price too.

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