Samsung releases Galaxy S10 August security update in Canada

Update [September 03, 2019]: The update also adds support for RCS messaging, right into Samsung’s messaging app, which is great because usually RCS is added to Google’s messaging app, thus requiring users to switch their default messaging app. Here’s how it looks.

RCS support

Original article [September 03, 2019]:

Samsung has started rolling out an update for the Galaxy S10 family in Canada. The release note for this update does not specify any added features, so, we could count it as a regular security update. The OTA bumps the devices’ security patch up to August 2019.

The South Korean OEM has not always been the most efficient when it comes to rolling out updates for the Canadian S10 devices. Global flagships tend to get the updates before anyone else, followed by major carriers in the United States. S10s in Canada are usually the last to get updates.

Samsung’s almost a month late, but it’s nice to see them put in the work. The OTA carries software version ASGJG973WVLU2ASGJ for S10, G975WVLU2ASGJ for S10 Plus, and G970WVLU2ASGJ for S10e — and weighs in at 490MB.

As it’s an incremental rollout, it might take a while for your device to get the automatic update notification. To initiate it manually, go to Settings >  Software update > Download and install. Repeat the process a couple of times if you don’t get the update the first time.

Samsung has started working on remodeling Android 10 for the Galaxy S10 lineup. A leaked video recently demonstrated the upcoming One UI 2.0 on the S10 Plus. Standing only days away from Google’s Android 10 unveiling, it’s safe to say that this OTA is one of the final updates before the company brings the next Android OS to the S10 lineup.

Source: Reddit

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