Galaxy S9 August update is slowing down the phone and causing battery drain for some users

Galaxy S9 August update problems

Samsung was pretty quick to release the August security update for its Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S9 users. However, the users of the latter device are facing some problems on the latest update that improves the security patch to August 1st, 2019.

In a Reddit thread, the S9 users from the US and Canada are reporting that their device is taking a lot more time than usual in opening up apps, and is working slower in general. Even the battery is draining faster than before. The August update comes as version CSH1 in the US and Canada, while is CSGD in the UK (we are yet to see UK/European users report issue on August update).

This is not the first time Samsung is facing problems with an update. The May 2019 security update for the Galaxy S10, that came as build ASE5, was one of the worst OTA updates to come from Samsung as it left many S10 sets nearly impossible to use. Samsung rolled out a bug-fixer update in ASE6 in about 7 days, but it required ASE7 OYA to completely solve all the issues caused by ASE5 build.

Looks Samsung will need to quickly prepare a bug-fixer August update for the Galaxy S9 now to fix the issues caused by original August update.

How to fix it?

There is a workaround that could help. You can install the July update back, but it’s not straightforward as regular Odin won’t let you downgrade to July update. You will need to install the firmware of July update using modded Odin, which can bypass the limitations set in the firmware for downgrade.

July update comes as version CSG4 for the US and Canadian S9 sets. Hence, to go back to July update on your Galaxy S9, install the July update’s firmware, and then install it using Modded Odin. You can use the guide given here to install a firmware.

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