Can I use Stadia controller for xCloud?

Stadia Controller Compatible With xCloud

Microsoft has recently announced its cloud-based game-streaming service called the xCloud. The service, which will be a part of the Xbox Game Pass ultimate subscription, is set to launch on September 15th and would allow Android users to play some of the most revered Xbox titles.

As its early days, Microsoft hasn’t shared an elaborate list of controllers that’d work flawlessly with its xCloud service. To clear the air, we have taken it on ourselves to answer one of the most asked questions, tell you whether the Google Stadia controller would be compatible with the xCloud.

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What to know about the Stadia Controller?

For those unaware: the Stadia Controller is the official controller for Google’s Stadia game streaming service — Microsoft’s only real competition in the industry. Dubbed as one of the best controllers money can buy, you can get the Stadia controller for $69 from the Google Store. Additionally, you can get it as a part of the Stadia Premiere Edition, which can be purchased for $99.

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Is Stadia Controller compatible with xCloud?

If you already have a Stadia controller or are looking to use the same controller for Stadia and xCloud, you’d be pleased to know that it is indeed possible to use Google’s Stadia as your primary controller for xCloud.

The button and joystick configuration of the Stadia controller is identical to a PS4 DualShock controller. However, the buttons, on the other hand, resemble a generic Xbox One controller — X, A, Y, B — which makes it super easy to get into the system. You won’t need to remap your controller every time you jump from Stadia to xCloud and vice versa.

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Is getting a Stadia controller worth it for xCloud?

As mentioned, Microsoft xCloud is still a month away from launch, which has allowed gaming component manufacturers to prepare their products for launch. So far, at the time of writing, Microsoft has only confirmed four xCloud-backed controllers.

And barring the Sn30 Pro, none of the controllers cost less than Google’s Stadia.

So, if you want a premium controller, that has the right key-mapping and would be able to work on both xCloud and Stadia, getting the Stadia controller seems to be a no-brainer. However, if you’re looking for something cheaper and don’t care much about the xCloud certification, be sure to check out our list of recommended wireless controllers for xCloud.

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