Best controllers for mobile gaming: Increase your chances of winning a chicken dinner with these mobile controllers

Mobile gaming controllers have been all the rage in the competitive world of smartphone gaming. They provide you with a significant advantage over your competition by allowing you more dexterity over in-game controls.

Today’s controllers also come bundled with extra features like cooling fans and power banks. We have compiled a list of the best external mobile game controllers that can help you improve your gaming skills in FPS games as well as RPG games.

These controllers have been classified into two categories: Passive & Active controllers. Let’s take a look at each one of them.

Active Controllers

Active controllers are the ones that rely on a direct wireless connection to your smartphone. This means that your favorite game needs to have native support for 3rd party controllers.

Additionally, these controllers offer you greater prowess over your gaming skills by giving you the ability to customize their trigger actuation settings, map buttons, create macros and more. Let’s take a deeper look at each one of them.

SteelSeries Stratus Duo

SteelSeries Stratus Duo is a feature-packed mobile gaming controller that supports two types of connectivity: Wireless & Bluetooth. The controller can connect over 2.4 GHz wireless spectrum to offer you lag-free gaming experience with minimum latency on Windows.

Additionally, the Stratus Duo is also Steam enabled. This means that you can use the controller with over 6,000+ compatible games that are currently available on the Steam library.

The Bluetooth on the Stratus Duo allows you to enjoy an uninterrupted connection with Android devices as well as VR gaming accessories like the Oculus Go and the Samsung Gear VR. This makes the Stratus Duo one of the few controllers on our list that can be used to have a mobile VR gaming experience. The Stratus Duo has an in-built rechargeable battery that offers a total battery backup of 20+ hours.


  1. 20+ hour battery life
  2. BT connectivity & 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity
  3. Easy toggle to switch between connections
  4. Plug & Play functionality
  5. No additional software required on mobile devices
  6. Ergonomic design
  7. Magnetic triggers
  8. Durable analog sticks


  1. Drivers required on Windows platform
  2. No haptic feedback

Razer Raiju Mobile

The Raiju Mobile features a dedicated mobile grip to hold your phone securely in place which eliminates the need for an external stand. The grip can tilt up to 60o which provides you the perfect viewing angle for gaming.

The Raiju mobile features proprietary Mecha-Tactile buttons that provide you a better response time than most controllers that are currently available on the market. It has 4 multifunction buttons and comes equipped with a hair-trigger mode as well. The controller also has a sensitivity clutch function that you can assign to either one of the multi-function buttons.

Holding this down during battle will help you decrease the sensitivity of the analog sticks which will make aiming in FPS shooters much easier. The Raiju comes with a dedicated app that can be downloaded from the Play Store and works over both wired and wireless connections.


  1. Ergonomic design perfect for large hands
  2. Top of the line build quality
  3. 4 re-mappable multi-function buttons
  4. Trigger locking functionality
  5. BT & USB-C compatibility
  6. Up to 23 hours of battery backup
  7. Adjustable phone mount
  8. Hair-trigger mode
  9. Dedicated mobile application
  10. Adjustable clutch sensitivity


  1. Fragile design prone to damage from minor drops
  2. USB wire needs to be carried separately
  3. No interchangeable D-pad or thumbsticks despite premium pricing

Amkette Evo Pro 3

The Amkette Evo Pro 3 is a budget wireless gaming controller for Android smartphones and tablets that comes with its own companion app. The app allows you control over various aspects of the controller including easy connectivity, a list of compatible games, pre-installed games and much more.

It features dual analog sticks, snappy triggers, actuated buttons, and even a turbo function that is compatible with all the buttons and triggers on the controller. Additionally, the Amkette Evo Pro 3 comes with an in-built lithium-ion battery that enables it to support up to 12 hours of continuous gameplay.

It uses low latency Bluetooth 4.2 for wireless connectivity and comes with a universal micro-USB port for charging. The Amkette Evo Pro 3 also features an in-built smartphone clamp that is compatible with all sizes of smartphones. It comes with tilt functionality and can be locked into place at an angle of 110o.


  1. Cheap price
  2. Companion app
  3. Ergonomic design
  4. Anti-Skid textured thumbsticks
  5. Matte body finish
  6. In-built smartphone clamp with locking functionality
  7. Up to 12 hours of battery backup
  8. Universal micro-USB connectivity
  9. Analog triggers
  10. Turbo functionality for triggers & buttons
  11. 1-year warranty


  1. Does not have native support for PUBG, requires 3rd party app
  2. Mediocre build quality
  3. No haptic feedback
  4. No battery indicator

PowerA Moga XP5-A + Controller

The PowerA Moga XP5-A+ is a mid-ranged wireless mobile gaming controller that features a traditional design, modern looks, and excellent performance. The controller is compatible with Android 2.3+ devices and features precision controls. It comes with clickable analog sticks on either side of the controller and has shoulder buttons and triggers as well.

The controller additionally features a D-Pad and traditional 4 button layout which is reminiscent of the XBOX 360 controller. The PowerA Moga XP5-A + also comes with an in-built rechargeable battery that has a total capacity of 1800 mAh.

This allows for more than 14+ hours of continuous gameplay which is a great advantage for professional gamers.

It also has an adjustable clip that can securely hold your phone in place while allowing for external articulation of up to 220o. You can also remove this clamp for a more seamless gameplay experience in case you plan on mirroring the display of your device to an external unit.

Additionally, the PowerA Moga XP5-A + is one of the few controllers on our list that is also a compatible XBOX controller right out of the box without the need for additional drivers or software. Moreover, the controller also has an in-built power bank that has a total capacity of 3,000 mAh.

This allows you to charge your phone between gaming sessions which ensures that you never run out of battery while gaming on the go.


  1. Adjustable and removable phone clip with 220o of articulation
  2. Dual locking articulation points
  3. XBOX compatible
  4. Two custom multifunction buttons
  5. In-built rechargeable power bank
  6. 2 years manufacturer’s warranty
  7. Dedicated toggle to switch between wired & wireless functionality
  8. Onboard 3,000 mAh power bank
  9. Onboard battery level indicator
  10. Anti-skid rubber grips
  11. Textured precision thumbsticks


  1. Larger design impacts portability
  2. Plastic design loses grip over long hours of gameplay

Beboncool Wireless Game Controller

The Beboncool wireless game controller is an aggressively styled budget offering with wireless functionality and support for all kinds of Android devices running Android 3.2 and above.

The controller features two high-quality thumbsticks, a single D-Pad, start button, select button, home button, L1/L2 & R1/R2 triggers alongside traditional X, Y, A & B buttons. It is also compatible with Microsoft Windows as well as popular mobile VR platforms including the likes of Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR.

Like the other controllers on our list, the Beboncool also comes with its own proprietary app that comes bundled with 200+ games of which over 145 are completely free. A big downside of this budget offering is that it is incompatible with Steam games and popular titles like Fortnite.

But if you are looking for a cheap wireless controller for your phone that supports other popular titles like Asphalt 8/9 then the Beboncool wireless game controller should serve you well.


  1. Cheap price
  2. Aggressive attractive styling
  3. Customizable layout
  4. Support for phones up to 6.4”
  5. Support for VR
  6. L1,L2 & R1,R2 shoulder Triggers
  7. Dedicated app with 145+ Free games
  8. 8 – 10 hours battery backup
  9. Lightweight design
  10. Extremely portable


  1. Complicated setup
  2. Not compatible with Steam & Fortnite

8Bitdo SN30 Pro+ Wireless Controller

The 8Bitdo SN30 Pro+ is one of the most popular and all-around wireless mobile controller that is currently available on the market. It supports wireless connection over Bluetooth and wired connection over USB-C.

The SN30 Pro+ also has a rumble vibration motor that can be adjusted according to your in-game preferences. It features completely remappable buttons that allow you to customize the controls according to your liking. 8Bitdo wanted to give FPS gamers an edge over their competition and hence it features adjustable hair trigger buttons.

They give you exceptional response time which can mean the difference between victory and defeat when you are competing online.

Keeping in-line with this trend of supporting FPS games, the SN30 Pro+ also allows you to adjust the sensitivity of your analog sticks individually. Additionally, the SN30 Pro+ is compatible with a wide variety of platforms including Android, Windows, macOS, Steam, Raspberry Pi & even the Nintendo Switch.

This ensures that it will be a perfect gaming companion to you no matter what platform you plan on switching to in the future.


  1. Compatible with Windows, Android, macOS, Steam, Nintendo Switch & Raspberry Pi
  2. 6-Axis motion sensor
  3. Removable 1,000 mAh battery that gives 20 hours of game Time with 4 hour charge
  4. Textured thumbsticks, triggers & buttons
  5. Available in 3 color schemes: Classic, All Black & Off White
  6. Wired USB-C compatibility
  7. Completely remappable controls
  8. Triggers with customizable actuation
  9. Modifiable vibration settings


  1. Need to buy smartphone clip separately
  2. Rumble feedback inaccurate for some games

Razer Junglecat

The Razer Junglecat is another great premium android gaming controller with exceptional value for money. Despite its premium tag, the controller offers great performance in a portable package. It comes with twin analog sticks, a grooved D-Pad and tactile X, Y, A & B buttons.

It is also bundled with its own dedicated app that has preloaded profiles for all the popular games currently available on the market including the likes of Fortnite. Additionally, it also allows you to build your own custom mapped profiles that will help you designate your own button layout for a more customized gaming experience.

The controller has a modular design that is both ergonomic and sturdy enough to withstand a few falls. The Junglecat has a latency of less than 14ms which is one of the best in today’s market for mobile game controllers. It is designed for efficient use of power as well, which allows you to crunch out a run time of 100+ hours in a single charge.

You can also adjust the sensitivity of the analog sticks on the Junglecat which will allow you to aim more precisely and efficiently in FPS games. So if you are on the hunt for a dual-sided game controller for your Android device then the Razer Junglecat could be the perfect pick for you.


  1. Dual-sided ergonomic design
  2. Dedicated app
  3. Low latency connection: less than 14ms
  4. 100+ Hours battery Life on a single charge
  5. Remappable buttons
  6. Adjustable sensitivity on analog sticks
  7. Excellent build quality
  8. Easy setup
  9. Compatible with third-party emulators as well


  1. Modular case only for Razer Phone 2, Galaxy S10 & Samsung Note 9
  2. No charging cable included
  3. Expensive

FlyDigi Wasp 2

Flydigi Wasp 2 is a one-sided premium controller that does not burn a hole in your pocket. The Wasp 2 supports all Android devices that have a maximum width of 86mm or 3.3”. It comes with a removable metal back button that not only enhances your grip but also allows you to perform multiple in-game actions simultaneously.

Wasp 2 also supports auto shooting functionality which gives you the ability to fire in-game weapons in a burst of 3 rounds that would normally support single shots like handguns and semi-automatic rifles.

The ergonomic design of the controller helps enhance your grip while the TPU covered palm rest ensures that there is no sweat build-up over long hours of gaming. The Wasp 2 also comes with a dedicated Flydigi app that can be downloaded from the Play Store to custom map all your in-game controls.

The biggest advantage of owning the Wasp 2 is that it supports games that do not natively support external controllers. This means that you can virtually play any game with the Wasp 2 be it PUBG, Fortnite, Knives Out, Rules Of Survival or more. This is a perfect controller for FPS shooters and works excellently when paired with Flydigi’s passive triggers.


  1. One-sided design
  2. Removable metal back button
  3. Auto shoot mode
  4. Ergonomic & comfortable design
  5. Sturdy build materials
  6. Dedicated app to customize the button layout
  7. Supports phones with a width up to 3.3”
  8. Extended triggers with micro switch functionality
  9. Easy setup


  1. Not compatible with third-party emulators
  2. App needs to be open at all times for the custom mapping to work

Passive Controllers

FlyDigi Stinger: Passive Triggers

Another offering from the house of Flydigi, this time we have Stinger which is a passive trigger for your Android device. This is the only passive controller on our list that uses an external power to operate. On the other hand, it does not require any kind of pairing on the software front.

The stinger trigger uses Flydigi’s proprietary CapAir Technology that allows the Stinger to simulate touches on your touchscreen without the need for any wireless connection.

The stinger has a very portable design that can easily fit in your front pocket and comes with a battery life of up to 80 hours on a single charge. This ensures that you will always have enough juice in your controller for on the go gaming when you are outdoors. Additionally, holding down on the trigger of your stinger will activate its auto click functionality.

The auto-click function simulates 8 taps on your touchscreen in a single second which is a huge advantage for FPS gamers. This will allow you to use non-automatic guns in games like PUBG and Fortnite with the prowess of an automatic rifle. If you have been looking to improve your gaming skills on a budget, then the Flydigi Stinger is a great option for you.


  1. Cheap price
  2. Easy installation
  3. No wireless connection required
  4. No-risk of getting banned or kicked from your game
  5. Compatible with all sizes of Android devices
  6. Auto tap functionality: 8 Taps/s
  7. Portable lightweight design
  8. Sturdy build quality
  9. 80+ Hour battery life with a single charge


  1. Not compatible with tablets
  2. Only trigger functionality
  3. Not recommended for curved displays

MiWorm Mobile Controller

The MiWorm Mobile Controller works just like the Flydigi Stinger by simulating real-time taps on your touchscreen. But unlike the stinger, MiWorm does not require any external power.

It has a purely mechanical operation that allows you to easily shoot in FPS games without losing the grip of your thumbs. This gives you a huge in-game advantage as you will be able to move and aim while simultaneously shooting your opponent.

The MiWorm triggers feature a translucent design that does not block your screen. Additionally, the triggers have been designed such that they will not interfere with the functioning of your phone’s volume rocker as well as the power button.

If you are looking for cheap mechanical triggers for your mobile with exceptional performance, then the MiWorm Mobile Controller should be on top of your list.


  1. Mechanical functionality
  2. A great choice for FPS gamers
  3. No-risk of in-game bans
  4. Flexible design compatible with volume rocker & power button placement
  5. Translucent design does not block screen
  6. No external power or software required


  1. Covers part of screen on infinity displays
  2. Prone to cause scratches on screen
  3. Not usable with phone cases

Coobile Gaming Grip

The Coobile Gaming grip is an ergonomic controller that features a modular body designed to cradle your smartphone perfectly. It comes with an incorporated cooling fan that helps keep your smartphone temperatures to a minimum. This prevents the throttling of your graphics card and processor during long gaming sessions.

This, in turn, will prevent the frame rate from dropping in the middle of the game. Cooling your phone will also help prolong its life and battery. The Coobile Gaming Grip comes with an in-built 2000 mAh battery pack that allows you to keep your phone charged at all times.

It is compatible with mobiles that have a screen size of up to 6.4” and features an ergonomic design which will help prevent hand fatigue. Moreover, the triggers of the Coobile Gaming grip support flip back functionality, this means that you can access the full width of your screen at any time without having to detach the gaming grip.

Most importantly, the Coobile Gaming grip has been designed with your phone’s volume rocker and power button in mind. This ensures that your phone doesn’t accidentally lock itself when the gaming grip is being used.


  1. In-Built cooling fan to prevent performance throttling at higher temperatures
  2. Compatible with screen sizes up to 6.4”
  3. Built-in Rechargeable 2,000 mAh power bank
  4. Ergonomic design
  5. Lightweight & portable
  6. Flip back triggers
  7. No-risk of bans or getting kicked from your game
  8. Flexible design for no interfere with volume rocker or power button
  9. Compatible with phone cases


  1. Trigger travel distance might increase depending on the size of your phone
  2. Not recommended for curved displays
  3. Triggers will block some part of the phone screen

Gamr+ 4 Trigger Mobile Controller

This is another gaming grip that is relatively cheap and offers great functionality. The Gamr+ Comes with a built-in cooling fan that helps regulate the temperature of your phone during intense gaming sessions. This ensures that there is no drop in performance due to CPU or GPU throttling.

Additionally, the Gamr+ has a more ergonomic design that is designed to cradle into your palms and features grooved edges for your fingers. It comes with a built-in phone stand that allows your phone to mount on a flat surface.

The Gamr+ is compatible with phones that have screen sizes up to 6.5” and has a flexible design to incorporate the volume rocker and power button as well. Additionally, the Gamr+ also comes with replacement silicone tips and a travel pouch for easy portability and long term use.


  1. Built-in cooling fan
  2. Ergonomic design
  3. Included replacement silicone tips
  4. Built-in phone stand
  5. Included travel pouch
  6. Lightweight design
  7. Support for phones up to 6.5”
  8. Modular design for easy access to charging port & headphone jack


  1. No in-built power bank
  2. Loud fan
  3. Might be uncomfortable for people with smaller hands
  4. Sub-par build quality prone to damage easily

Mobile Gaming Controller By YSSHUI

Next, we have a very aggressive looking mobile gaming controller by YSSHUI. This controller features a minimalistic design without handgrips and comes at an attractive price point. It features auto click triggers and an in-built rechargeable battery that provides 80 hours of gameplay on a single charge.

The auto-click functionality allows you to simulate 16 taps on your screen in a single second which is the most offered by any mobile controller on our list. This gives you a significant advantage in FPS shooters by allowing you to fire semi-automatic weapons like automatic weapons.

The YSSHUI controller is compatible with phone sizes up to 6.5” and comes in an attractive foldable design. This makes it extremely portable which makes it the perfect on the go gaming accessory for travel enthusiasts. Moreover, you can even customize your auto click experience up to 4 levels with the maximum level allowing you to simulate 40 taps/s with a single pull of the trigger.

If you have been on the hunt for a mobile game controller with unmatched auto click functionality, then the YSSHUI mobile game controller is the answer to all your prayers.


  1. Portable ergonomic design
  2. Lightweight & foldable
  3. 4 customizable levels of auto click functionality
  4. Built-in rechargeable battery with 80+ hours of backup
  5. Compatible with screen size up to 6.5”
    easy setup
  6. No drivers or software required
  7. No-risk of getting banned or kicked from games
  8. Excellent build quality


  1. Not recommended for curved displays
  2. No hand grips
  3. Not compatible with phone cases

Gamesir F2 Firestick Grip

The Gamesir F2 Firestick Grip is a cheap option for gamers that are constrained due to their budget. It is also the perfect controller for hobbyists and amateurs that do not want to spend a premium price for their mobile gaming controller.

This controller works using hardware feedback to your mobile device and does not require any kind of pairing or wired connection to your smartphone. This eliminates the risk of getting banned from games that do not allow the use of external third party controllers as it gives the player undue advantage.

Despite its cheaper price tag, the Gamesir F2 Firestick Grip features a premium design alongside top-quality construction materials. The shooting clips are designed from high-density transparent polymer plastic and feature conductive rubber pads at their contact points.

This helps keep your screen free from scratches as well as smudges. Moreover, the Gamesir F2 Firestick Grip features alloy buttons that provide excellent durability and tactile feedback during prolonged hours of gameplay. The controller can easily fold into a portable design and features an ergonomic egg-like shape that is guaranteed to reduce fatigue in your arms and hands.

The Gamesir F2 Firestick Grip can fit smartphones between the size of 4.5” to 6.4” which makes it easily compatible with all the major smartphones that are currently available on the market.

Additionally, the controller also features dedicated slots and wire management systems so that you can plug in your charger as well as headphones while using the controller without any external interference.


  1. Hardware controller: No bans Or risk Of getting kicked out
  2. Transparent triggers
  3. Alloy buttons
  4. High-density conductive rubber bottom
  5. Foldable design
  6. Compatible with smartphone sizes up to 6.4”
  7. Ergonomic design
  8. Cheap price
  9. Dedicated slots for charger & headphones


  1. Setup takes time
  2. Not compatible with some phones due to volume rocker placement
  3. Headphone jack might be rendered unusable depending on its placement

Which controller did you opt for and how was your experience with it. Let us know in the comments section below.

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