Black Ops Cold War: What does JuggerNog do? Where to get it?

The return of Call of Duty Black Ops means, amongst other things, a new campaign, next-gen graphics, and an improved and updated Zombies mode. With a host of new features, including easter eggs, weapon systems, and skill sets, Cold War Zombies has been well-received, to say the least. And how can we forget the flexibility and excitement afforded to players with the new generation of perks!

In this guide, we take a look at perhaps the most utilized perk in Zombies mode — Jugger-Nog! Let’s go through some of the things it does, its upgrades, and where to find it.

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What does Jugger-Nog do?

The reason why Jugger-Nog is so popular is because of its base effect that increases your maximum health by 50%. More health capacity means that you can take more hits without going down and keep moving forward, thereby garnering more points and leveling up faster.

Screengrab via: Helioz

It is of little wonder then why most of the players opt for the Jugger-Nog first. If they can only purchase one perk, more often than not, they’ll settle for this health-focused perk. Compared to the previous iterations, there aren’t a lot of changes in this super perk, except for…

Jugger-Nog upgrades

Screengrab via: Helioz

Now, as if the Jugger-Nog wasn’t good enough already, the newly integrated tier-system buffs it up even more. The following are the three-tiers of the Jugger-Nog that one can unlock by spending Aetherium Crystals:

  • Tier 1: A 50% reduction in status effect duration.
  • Tier 2: 25% additional armor is replenished with Armor plates.
  • Tier 3: Maximum health increase by 100.

What all this means is that damage effects will linger for half the duration, armor plates provide additional armor, and, most significant of all, is the near-doubling of your HP when you are at tier three.

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Where to get Jugger-Nog?

The Jugger-Nog is an easy perk to find. From the spawn room, go up and outside, near the crashed plane split in two, and you’ll come across the red Jugger-Nog machine in the snowdrifts.

Screengrab via: RatedLive

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Get Free Jugger-Nog

The Dancing Zombie easter egg harkens back to the Coffin Dance meme. Although it is a lot of fun to look at zombies coordinating and dancing with a crate on their shoulders, it serves a purpose as well.

Screengrab via: Maka91Productions

If you notice carefully, you’ll see that they are slowly moving to the center of the room while dancing. There’s no way to skip this, so bear with them. As they reach the center of the room, the crate drops, you’ll return to the normal dimension, and the zombies disappear.

Screengrab via: Maka91Productions

Go ahead and open the crate. You’re guaranteed to get a Jugger-Nog every single time for free and will receive some additional loot to boot.


Screengrab via: HeliozRated LiveMaka91Productions

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