Best Cases for OnePlus 7T: Bumper, Ultra-thin, Armor, Wallet, Leather, Fiber, Transparent, and more

The OnePlus 7T is everything the OnePlus 7 Pro was but toned down to match the affordable flagship price tag. It houses a 90Hz display on the front and a frosted matte glass at the back, both of which are way too precious to lose in case of an accident.

This is where we come in and help you find the best case from the tons that are available online. These cases will not only save you from spending hundreds of dollars on a broken glass but will also enhance the design of the phone with a little more substance.

You can choose between a variety of OnePlus 7T cases: Bumper, Armor, Rugged, Gel, Wallet, Carbon Fibre and more.

OnePlus Bumper Case Karbon

OnePlus has been known to make cases for its smartphones, something other manufacturers simply don’t. The OnePlus Bumper Case Karbon for the OnePlus 7T has raised corners and edges for all-round protection and at the same time offers a premium-looking carbon fiber finish on the outside. The volume buttons are covered and OnePlus offers precisely cut holes for the charging port, the circular camera module, and alert slider.

Buy on OnePlus: $39.95

Spigen LiquidAir Case – Matte Black

Spigen, known for making quality rugged and hard cases, has designed a lightweight and slim LiquidAir case for the OnePlus 7T. The back of the case offers a grated-pattern which makes room for slip protection and fingerprint resistance, both of which add value for a comfortable grip. There’s a raised lip for the camera module while buttons are partially covered for better tactile feedback.

Buy on Amazon: $11.99

OnePlus Protective Case – Sandstone / Karbon

Unlike the bumper case, the Protective case from OnePlus is a hardshell case with button cutouts, instead of covered ones. The top and bottom sections of the OnePlus 7T are also left exposed but that makes the case thinner and lighter. Raised edges and corners offer protection for the display while the Sandstone and Karbon (kevlar) finish make room for a lighter grippy hold.

Buy Sandstone Protective Case on OnePlus: $24.95 | Buy Karbon Protective Case on OnePlus: $29.95

IVSO Slim Lightweight Scratch Resistant

This case from IVSO is made of TPU and Polycarbonate materials with 1.2mm raised lips on all sides and the camera module. While the top and bottom of the case have a smooth finish, the sides, as well as the rear surface, have minute parallel ridges for a better grip and resistance to fingerprint smudges.

Buy on Amazon: $7.89

Spigen Tough Armor Case – Gunmetal

Spigen also sells a TPU + Polycarbonate case and calls it Tough Armor for resistance against both drops and scratches. The case is certified with MIL-STD 810G-516.6 for military-grade protection and Air Cushion Technology ensures protection against drops. The outer layer also houses a kickstand for your daily binge-watching needs and has a smoother finish than the interior TPU casing.

Buy on Amazon: $16.99

OnePlus Silicone Bumper Case Red

While we already went through the Protective and Bumper cases from OnePlus, there’s also a Silicone Bumper Case available in the company’s traditional vibrant Red color. The case features a fluid silicone shell with soft microfiber lining for preventing scratches and shock absorption while contributing just 28 grams to the overall weight of the phone.

Buy on OnePlus: $29.95

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

The Ultra Hybrid Case from Spigen aims to preserve the original look of the OnePlus 7T while securing it from drops and scratches. There’s a clear polycarbonate back that attaches to the TPU bumper which in turn raised lips for the display and partially covered buttons for better tactile control. The bumper is also home to a large-sized cutout at the bottom to support a wider range of data cables.

Buy on Amazon: $11.99

Olixar Bumper Case

Olixar’s Bumper Case takes some inspiration from Spigen’s and adds a little more value on its own. It also combines a hard TPU case and Polycarbonate bumper but with more protection to the camera for absorbing impact. There are large easy-press buttons on the sides while the backside still allows wireless charging on the OnePlus 7T.

Buy on Amazon: $16.99

Anccer Ultra-Thin Fit Slim case

For those of you, who are only worried about scratches on your new OnePlus 7T but don’t wish to bulk it up with heavy cases, Anccer has got you covered with their Ultra-Thin Fit Slim case. The case only amounts to 0.8mm thickness to the overall profile of your phone and has a skin-like smooth texture that is available in Green, Rose Gold, Red, Blue, Black, and Gravel Black colors. It also offers a 0.3mm raised space to protect the camera from scratches as well.

Buy on Amazon: $12.99

TUDIA Merge Dual Layer Case

TUDIA’s MERGE Series cases can be bought in Metallic Slate, Matte Black, Rose Gold, and Blue colors and offer a dual-layer design that consists of an anti-shock inner TPU material and a polycarbonate case for protection against drops and scratches. The rear surface is smooth but the edges are designed with ridges for grip.

Buy on Amazon: $10.90

Orzero Real 1K Carbon Fiber Case

Orzero has designed a Carbon Fiber Case with Flexible TPU Frame and hard polycarbonate material on the inside. There’s a Carbon fiber cloth at the back which offers fingerprint resistance and comfortable hold for a longer duration. Similar to other hardback covers, the Orzero also has raised edges, camera lip, and cutouts for ports.

Buy on Amazon: $10.99

SLEO Luxury Retro Leather Wallet Case

With digital payments on the rise, you might fancy not taking your wallet with you anymore but just a few cards. This is where SLEO’s Luxury Retro Leather Wallet Case comes in handy as it holds three card slots and a money flap for your monetary needs. Not just that, the handcrafted leather adds a sense of premium to your OnePlus 7T and its flip design also doubles up like a kickstand. You can get this leather wallet case in Brown, Dark Brown and Black colors.

Buy on Amazon: $11.99

Olixar Gel Case

Olixar also makes a Scratch Resistant Silicone Gel Case using Advanced TPU with microdots for preventing wet look and fingerprint marks on your OnePlus 7T. The case is designed to be slim, lightweight and strong with no extra bulk and provides Wireless Charging.

Buy on Amazon: $9.99

Qoosea Clear Ultra Slim Crystal Case

Qoosea offers the cheapest case of the lot with a slim clear case that offers better flexibility over the one that OnePlus includes alongside the 7T. All buttons and corners are elevated while raised edges lift the screen and camera lens off the surface to offer resistance to scratches during daily use.

Buy on Amazon: $4.99

What type of cases do you prefer to use on your OnePlus 7T? And which one are you buying?

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