Best ultra thin cases for OnePlus 7 Pro

the best OnePlus 7 Pro thin cases

So, you have bought the OnePlus 7 Pro. And you want to protect the case without adding bulk to the device. Well, good thought. Adding a really thin case on your OnePlus 7 Pro is just the right idea.

And there are a great number of OnePlus 7 Pro ultra-thin cases available already!

It’s not surprising that even case manufacturers are super competitive in the realm of ultra-thin. A full range of thin cases is available, whether you are looking for a transparent thin case, or a thin fiber case, or TPU, carbon, or any other type.

What we consider an ultra-thin case is the one with a width of just 0.8mm or 0.3 inches. Most of the cases here adhere to that benchmark but some cases are a tad thicker at 0.4 inches, but they do give a little bit extra for the additional body mass.


Best OnePlus 7 Pro thin cases

Here’s a list of top really thin cases for your OnePlus 7 Pro.

Olixar Ultra-Thin Case


Raised Bezel Protection

This case maintains aesthetics without compromising on protection. At 0.8mm, its negligible thickness and clarity ensure that your OnePlus 7 Pro will look beautiful and stay protected. Olixar is not messing around when they claim 100% clarity. Coupled with durability and protection, this case really good in general.

Buy on Amazon: $8.99 | Buy on Olixar: $8.99

EasyAcc Slim Matte Black Case

Minimalist Matte

This case comes in the 0.3-inch zone. That’s about 0.8mm, the ultra-slim range. It’s extremely basic and barely there to ensure that your phone gets the perfect black matte second skin. This case is also fingerprint, dirt and stain repellent making it an especially great choice for an ultra-thin case.

Buy on Amazon: $8.19

EasyAcc Matte Black Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber Finesse

Here’s another very thin case by EasyAcc that’s also just 0.8mm or 0.3-inch in thickness. This particular case has a nice texture and that aesthetic oomph factor that we sometimes need to say yes to a case. This case is ideal for you if you are particularly fond of carbon fiber.

Buy on Amazon: $7.89

TopACE TPU Rubber Gel Case

Clearly Ultra-Thin

TopAce has upped its ultra-thin offering with a clear case that will not cling to your OnePlus 7 Pro in the nasty way that no one really likes. You should go for this case if clear flexible TPU case that is only 0.3 inches (0.8mm) thick.

Buy on Amazon: $6.99

Anccer Crystal Clear Case


Thin like a second skin

If you have a slightly higher budget and would prefer a more premium option for an ultra-thin clear case, this one is a great option. This Crystal Clear case has been made from high-quality soft TPU and has really high transparency to complement its 0.3-inch thickness making this one of the best clear cases in this list.

Buy on Amazon: $11.99

Orzero Carbon Fiber Case

Slim and smooth

We can all agree that carbon fiber offers great texture. At 0.4-inches, it’s a hair thicker than the 0.3-inch only thick cases we have seen above but if offering a decent amount of protection from drops and impacts. This case is a great option if you’re looking for an ultra-thin option with texture.

Buy on Amazon: $9.99

AINOYA Crystal Clear Soft Case


Packed with protection

A lot has been packed into this particular case. At 0.4 inches, it offers drop cushions and it is equipped with Shock Absorption Technology. Basically, your phone can handle a fall without any damage. Keep in mind that this particular case is clear and glossy if that is something you prefer.

Buy on Amazon: $7.99

TopACE Silicone Matte Case

Trusted Performance

At 0.5 inches, this case is loved by users for its quality and performance. This case fits the phone like a glove and has a nice pattern as well. If you’re looking for something with a bit more design, this is a great option.

Buy on Amazon: $9.99

KuGi Grippy Case


Anti-slip grip

This is one of the most value for money cases in the market. Users love this case for its premium quality and color options. This case also does an excellent job of protecting the OnePlus 7 Pro from drop impacts. At 0.5 inches,  it is one of the most reliable cases.

Buy on Amazon: $8.99

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