8 most protective iPhone 14 Pro cases!

If you’re here reading this, chances are that you recently bought an iPhone 14 Pro and you want to protect your investment for as long as it’s possible. Although all modern iPhones come with ceramic shield glass panels at the front and back, they’re not drop-resistant by any means.

So, if you wish to prevent spending your hard-earned money constantly repairing your iPhone’s broken glass, getting a protective case for it should be your best approach going forward. To help you keep your most precious piece of tech safe and sound, we’ve compiled this list of protective cases that you can buy. All of these cases offer a range of features and protective measures and are unique in their own way, so feel free to browse and take your own decision when choosing the right case for you. 

1. OtterBox Defender

The Defender series is one of the earlier offerings from OtterBox ever since the case manufacturer became a popular brand among iPhone owners. The case is made of multiple layers of materials including a polycarbonate shell, holster, and a synthetic rubber slipcover, most of which is made using recycled plastic. Otterbox claims the case should be able to withstand 4 times as many drops as stated in military standards (MIL-STD-810G 516.6). 

It’s not just drop-protection, the Defender series is coated with an antimicrobial additive that prevents microbial growth from appearing on the exterior of the case. As is the case with any rugged case out there, you may get the standard raised edges to protect the screen and cameras as well as port covers to prevent dust from getting to the insides of your precious device. 

Otterbox offers the Defender case in black, dark blue, pink, bright blue, and light pink colors and all of these variants come with an included holster that you can use as a kickstand. There are other variants of the cases that offer different color schemes and support MagSafe charging as well. 

> Get OtterBox Defender on Amazon($64.87), BestBuy ($64.95), Walmart ($54.95), Otterbox ( $64.95) 

2. Spigen Tough Armor (MagFit)

When looking for cases for an iPhone, Spigen is the brand that many may be familiar with and likely so. The brand has established its mark in terms of design, purpose, and is economical. For the iPhone 14 Pro, Spigen offers its Tough Armor (MagFit) that’s made of multiple layers of polycarbonate, thermoplastic polyurethane, and impact foam. All of these materials are designed with Military-grade standards to offer full-fledged protection from drops and bumps. 

The Tough Armor comes with integrated magnets that support MagSafe charging and can be bundled with Spigen’s own MagFit accessories. Even with an added depth of just 0.12 inches, the case has a kickstand and raised edges for the screen and camera units. You can pick your preferred Tough Armor case from 5 different color options – Black, Abyss Green, Deep Purple, Gunmetal, and Metal Slate. For a limited time, the cases can be purchased at a discount on Amazon over its official retail price of $59.99. 

> Get Spigen Tough Armor on Amazon ($29.99), Spigen ($59.99)

3. UAG Pathfinder

Under Armor Gear (UAG) is known to make the most premium rugged cases for iPhones and for the most protection for your iPhone 14 Pro, you can get your hands on the Pathfinder case without spending a fortune. Among the cases listed here, the Pathfinder can look pretty slim but it offers drop protection of up to 18 feet (5.5 meters) and it meets the MIL-STD 810G 516.6 military drop-test standard. 

In terms of the design, you get an armor shell and impact-resistant soft core that’s not bulky, and together with TPU material at the corners, the case provides a better cushion against regular accidental drops. The case’s edges offer oversized tactile buttons and raised lips to surround the screen.

The Pathfinder supports wireless charging but if you want to connect your iPhone to MagSafe chargers and accessories, you will have to purchase the variants with MagSafe support. Non-MagSafe cases won’t include the magnetic module built-in, so you’ll have to pay a little more if you plan to use MagSafe. 

As for the variants, you can pick the Pathfinder case without MagSafe in Black, Dark Earth, Silver, Olive, and White colors. The MagSafe-supported Pathfinder cases are available in additional colors like Mallard, Pool, and Lilac. 

> Get UAG Pathfinder without MagSafe on Amazon ($44.95), UAG ($44.95)

> Get UAG Pathfinder with MagSafe on Amazon($54.95), BestBuy ($54.95), UAG ($54.95)

4. Poetic Revolution

If you wish to get a protective cover for your iPhone 14 Pro that’s also economical, you can get the Poetic Revolution case. The case comes with Poetic’s X-form design and a polycarbonate and TPU-reinforced back cover. Poetic offers an included screen protector that you can use alongside the front frame but you can take it off at any time if you feel that’s too bulky. 

The Revolution series is drop-tested to up to 20 feet with military-grade protection and has a kickstand at the back to use the phone upright or in landscape mode. While the case doesn’t support MagSafe chargers, you will be able to charge your phone wirelessly at standard speeds. The corners of the case are square-shaped for impact protection and the case also offers raised edges to protect the screen and port covers to prevent dust from getting in. 

You can get the Poetic Revolution case for your iPhone 14 Pro in different colors – Black, Navy Blue, Maroon Red, Brown, Light Pink, and Light Blue and each of these variants with come with a front frame and screen protector that you can use on top of an existing tempered glass cover.  

> Get Poetic Revolution on Amazon ($20.95), Walmart ($20.95), Poetic ($24.95)

5. Pelican Shield Kevlar

Pelican is known to offer cases both for minimalists and those who want the most protection. For the latter crown, you can go with the Shield Kevlar case which offers up to 21-foot drop protection. This is possible because of its 5 protective layers that are made of hard polymers, soft rubber, aramid fibers, an outer MicroPel Antimicrobial coating, and a shock-absorbing interior shell military-grade protection. Pelican claims it uses authentic bulletproof Dupont Kevlar fibers and sustainable recycled materials when making the case. 

The Shield Kevlar case has 5mm raised bezels around the camera unit and the front of the screen to prevent your iPhone from scratches. There’s a holster that comes with a belt clip and a kickstand to secure your phone to yourself or another surface. With inbuilt magnets, the case supports MagSafe charging and accessories as well as charging via Qi wireless chargers. Unlike the rest of the products listed here, Pelican only offers the Shield Kevlar case in a single Black color variant. 

> Get Pelican Shield Kevlar on Amazon ($41.99), BestBuy ($59.99), Walmart ($59.99), Pelican ($59.99)

Spigen Enzo

Spigen’s aforementioned offering should offer significant drop protection for most users but if you want something more sturdier, you can check out their latest Enzo case. In addition to the standard thermoplastic polyurethane material, Enzo is designed with a metal frame and XRD Foam to offer more protection against drops and impact in a slimmer design that only adds 0.09 inches to the thickness of your iPhone. 

Besides protection, the case is furnished with premium vegetable-tanned Genoma Leather and suede material on the exterior to give it a distinguished look. There are improved magnets on the inside that make the case MagSafe compatible, so you can connect a MagSafe charger or accessories to your iPhone as well as any other MagFit accessory made by Spigen. To add to the luxury, Spigen has added metal parts to the camera bezels, volume and side buttons, and a flushed logo that stands out among other Spigen cases. 

Spigen offers two color options for the Enzo – Black, and Slate. 

> Get Spigen Enzo on Amazon ($149.99)Spigen ($150)

UAG Monarch Pro Magnetic Kevlar

Besides the Pathfinder series, UAG has another offering that provides more protection for those who aren’t short on budget. The Monarch Pro Magnetic Kevlar case is made of 5 layers of materials that include DuPont KEVLAR, an armor frame, a shock-resistant core, a polycarbonate shear plate, alloy metal hardware, and impact-resistant rubber corners. All of these provide improved drop protection that’s tested at up to 25 feet (7.6 meters) of height. 

To go with these protective features, the case gets a traction grip throughout the edges which house oversized tactile buttons for the volume and side buttons. Other standard features include raised edges to protect the screen, raised bezels around the camera unit, and a lanyard anchor to hook your iPhone onto a lanyard. The Monarch Pro has a built-in magnet module to support MagSafe chargers and accessories. 

UAG offers the Monarch Pro Magnetic Kevlar case in two variants – Black and Silver. The non-Kevlar version comes in more colors – Black, Carbon Fiber, Mallard, and Silver. 

> Get UAG Monarch Pro Magnetic Kevlar on Amazon ($99.95), Walmart ($94.95), UAG ($99.95)

Rokform Rugged Series 

If you wish to buy a thick rugged case without burning your pockets, you can choose the Rugged series case by Rockform. The company claims that the case has been drop tested to more than 4 times the impact if you used a regular case and the case exceeds Military Grade Drop Test standards, MIL-STD 801G-516.6. 

For those of you who own MagSafe chargers and accessories, Rockform has got you covered with 4-5x stronger built-in magnets and you can stick your iPhone to any magnetic surface. An added advantage of this case is that it houses the RokLock’s Twist lock system at the back which allows you to mount your iPhone on bike mounts, motorcycle mounts, car mounts, and even onto a golf cart. 

One thing that stands out from the rest of the products listed here is that the Rokform Rugged case comes with a 2-year limited warranty which you can avail when something goes wrong with the case. Rockform offers the Rugged case in a single Black variant but if you want a different option, you will need to opt for the Crystal Series case which offers similar protection in a clear back cover.  

> Get Rokform Rugged Series on Amazon ($69.99), Rokform ($69.99)

These are all the best protective cases you can get for your iPhone 14 Pro. 

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