Best cases for your OnePlus 7 Pro in 2019: Clear, Thin, Armor, w/ kickstand, and more

Best OnePlus 7 Pro cases

Cases are a tricky business with the OnePlus 7 Pro.

Consider the fact that OnePlus 7 Pro has those beautifully curved edges and a really narrow metal frame. Also, keep in mind that its texture is really slippery. Yes, we’re afraid a case is a necessity with this particular phone.

So, let us help you pick one.


Best OnePlus 7 Pro cases

Thankfully, a variety of cases are available for the OnePlus 7 Pro: Thin, Rugged, Leather, Wallet, Transparent, and more. Check out the list below to find out which one suits your needs the best.

Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Classic Protection

This case is all about the Rugged Armor feature and its intense protection. But we suggest this case because Spigen is a good brand with very good quality cases specifically for protection. So go for this case if you’re looking for a balance of protection and reliability. 

Buy on Spigen: $24.99

Olixar Ultra-Thin Case

The Ultra-thin Mould

This case fits like a second skin. A rather pretty and thin second skin too. Made from high-quality flexible silicone, this case has been custom-molded for the OnePlus 7 pro.

Buy on Olixar: $8.99

OnePlus Protective Case Karbon

The Perfect Match

This case is all about sustaining your OnePlus 7 Pro’s performance and looks. It’s been weaved with special fibers to provide your phone with enhanced shock, high temperature, and corrosion resistance. The Karbon case is the perfect glove. It keeps your phone slim and offers a fairly decent grip which this particular phone desperately needs.

Buy on Oneplus: $34.95

OnePlus Protective Case Sandstone

The Right Grip

The textured grip offered by the Sandstone variant is exceptional. You will understand what we mean when you hold the phone with this case on. Remember how Spiderman’s web sticks to walls? This is the closest we can come to describing how firm the grip is.

Buy on Oneplus: $29.95

OnePlus Bumper Case Karbon

Reinforced Protection

The bumper edges of this Karbon case are basically a reinforced level of protection for your phone. They work together with the outer shell shields to protect your phone from any direct damage. If you are prone to dropping your phone or simply paranoid since the cost of screen replacement (that could get you a decent budget phone) this one comes highly recommended from us.

Buy on Oneplus: $39.95

OnePlus Bumper Case Nylon

Beauty and Brawn

OnePlus calls this case their ‘textured protector’ because of its aesthetics and hand feel. The nylon layer creates a good cushion between your hand and the case. Besides that, it has the same reinforcement bumpers to ensure that your phone is protected.

Buy on Oneplus: $34.95

Olixar Leather Back Case

The Leather Effect

This case is specially meant for leather heads who like the feel of it when they hold their phone. It also comes with the bonus of not adding bulk to the phone and having shockproof material. Keep in mind though, this case is not made of real leather even if it feels like one and they’ve clearly mentioned that on their product page.

Buy on Amazon: $12.99

Olixar ExoShield Hard Case

Tough and Clear

This is one of those clear cases that also comes with a lot of reinforced protection. This tough snap-on case is made from reinforced bonded thermopolyurethane and high-quality polycarbonate materials, basically, this case is extremely strong and long-lasting. It also has a non-slip coating for extra grip.

Buy on Olixar: $12.99

Olixar Wallet Case

The Phone+Wallet combo

This one is for those of us who like to have our cards and physical currency kept together with our brand new OnePlus 7 Pro. This faux leather case comes with two interior pockets and a section to keep your phone safely. It also converts into a stand by the way, so you can stream movies and videos comfortably with this case.

Buy on Amazon: $12.99

Ringke Fusion-X Case

A Little Extra

This case is lint repellent, which we think is necessary since the pop-up selfie camera is catching lint every time it pops up. Besides this, the case offers military-level protection and great grip. It’s also highly durable and very reasonably priced for a like this one. If you like the way this one looks, then it’s a great choice.

Buy on Amazon: $12.99

TUDIA Heavy Duty Case

Functionally Slim

This case tries to retain the OnePlus 7 Pro experience as much as it can. With clicky buttons to keep the tactile experience of OnePlus 7 Pro intact to being a slim fit, this military-grade protective case is a great choice if you’re exploring unique budget options for your phone.

Buy on Amazon: $10.90

AVIDET Crystal Clear Case

Clearly basic

This clear case is a great option if you just want to keep your phone safe from dirt, dust and other normal damage. It keeps the original look of your OnePlus7 Pro intact while also adding a glossy feel to it. The case will also ensure a decent grip without interfering in your interaction with the phone making it a fairly decent choice.

Buy on Amazon: $7.58

Anccer Crystal Clear Case

The Classic Minimalist

The case does its job as a minimalist option, it’s crystal clear and it absorbs shock. With high definition and transparency, this case makes sure that your One Plus 7 Pro looks fabulous.

Buy on Amazon: $11.99

Osophter Protective Case

The Hybrid Combo

This case is a combination of TPU and Polycarbonate. Yes, they are serious about protecting your delicate OnePlus 7 Pro. There are three variants available: Black, Blue and Dark Cyan.

If you like the way this case looks, then go for it. It fulfills all the other criteria of a good case.

Buy on Amazon: $8.99

KuGi Grippy Case

Soft and Light Protection

Don’t expect your OnePlus 7 Pro to survive the impact of a major fall if you have this case on. But do expect that your phone will look like a piece of art. The soft TPU used in the three different color variants of this case keeps the phone safe from everyday wear and tear. The case has a great hand feel and it looks beautiful.

Buy on Amazon: $8.99

Sucnakp Protective Case

The Rugged Shield

This case screams heavy duty protection. It has been implemented with Air Cushion Technology and an anti-collision function to keep your phone safe. The makers are not joking around when it comes to protecting your OnePlus 7 Pro, that’s for sure.

Buy on Amazon: $7.98

The original OnePlus cases in Karbon and Sandstone are our personal favorite choices. But we understand that you may be looking for something specific in mind. Hopefully, you’ll have found it here and are on your way to get the case.

Happy Case Shopping!


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