Best clear cases for the OnePlus 6T

You invest hundreds of dollars on a new smartphone, so it’s a good idea to spend a little more in order to make sure it doesn’t get damaged.

Depending on how clumsy you are, you can opt for all kinds of protective cases. From rugged and leather to silicone and clear, the mobile accessory market is a wide and varied one. But which one should you get?

It’s up to you and what you need. If you own a sleek device like the OnePlus 6T, you might want a case that still allows the original design of the phone to shine through. In which case, it’s best to opt for a clear case. Provided that you are careful and just need basic protection, of course.

If that sounds like you, then why don’t you take a look at the best clear cases for the OnePlus 6T you can order right now.

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Redluckstar Clear Case

Who said clear cases have to be dull? This one from Redluckstar does feature the standard clear back, but it also comes with a colorful bumper that is shock-absorbing. The case is very lightweight and won’t add unnecessary weight to your sleek smartphone. It’s available with a Black, Red, Matte/Black, Matte/Gray or Matte/Red bumper.

Buy on Amazon ($9.99)

VRS Design Dual Layer Case

Bought the super-sexy Thunder Purple OnePlus 6T? Then you will surely want to flaunt its shiny back without risking scratches and scrapes. Well, then you should take a look at the VRS Design clear case for the OnePlus 6T, which adds a nice grippy texture to the back of your phone. With a sturdy acrylic body and TPU bumper, it will keep the device in excellent conditions.

Buy on Amazon ($11.99)

Olixar Bumper Case

Popular case maker Olixar has a Clear case for the OnePlus 6T too. It’s a robust offering that blends TPU with polycarbonate to safeguard your phone against drops, knocks, and bumps. The product is reinforced at the corners, so even the device’s more vulnerable areas will be protected. What’s more, the Olixar case will improve the grip on your phone. Ships with a 2-year warranty.

Buy on Amazon ($12.99)

GETE Clear Case

GETE offers a straightforward clear case for the OnePlus 6T made of flexible yet sturdy material. The product is very thin and light, so you will probably even forget it’s there. While almost invisible, the case does add extra grip to the phone, preventing any accidental slips.

Buy on Amazon ($6.98)

AVIDET Crystal Clear Case

AVIDET’s clear case for the OnePlus 6T Is made of soft TPU that minimizes bulk but provides adequate protection for your phone. It’s crystal clear, so the stylish design of your OnePlus 6T will be fully visible.

Buy on Amazon ($7.88)

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MoKo Clear Case

The MoKo Clear Case for the OnePlus 6T offers full degree protection thanks to its reinforced corners and raised edges that keep the display from coming to any harm. Like most clear cases in our list, this one has a slim profile designed to emphasize the sleek looks of the OnePlus 6T. It’s crated from rigid PC backplate Hybrid and soft TPU.

Buy on Amazon ($7.99)

0haze Clear Case

A premium clear case for the OnePlus 6T made from high-quality TPU material and using IMD (In-Mould-Decoration) technology. The materials allow the case to resist smudges, dirt, as well as UV damage. The product also benefits from airbag design in the four corners to better resist falls and a raised lip at the edges. Comes with Red, Black, Blue accents or all-Clear.

Buy on Amazon ($8.99)

eBay Full Protection Clear Case

Want your clear case to have a little bit of personality? Check out this case on eBay which has colorful accents. Made of soft rubber TPU, the case will protect against scratches, collisions, abrasions, but also fingerprints and dust. It’s available in Black, Blue, Rose Gold, Red and more.

Buy on eBay ($2.56)

eBay Crystal Clear Case

A standard clear case designed for the OnePlus 6T that is available with a very affordable price tag. Crafted from flexible TPU, it can absorb shock and thus offering superior protection. The case benefits from a non-slip coating, so the phone becomes easier to grip. The product ships with 1-year warranty included.

Buy on eBay ($4.48)

eBay Electroplated Clear Case

Another clear case with elegant, slim design for the OnePlus 6T available on eBay. The product is a perfect match for the product and takes advantage of soft TPU/Rubber Silicone to keep scratches and fingerprints at bay. Comes with Red, Gold, Silver and other colorful accents.

Buy on eBay ($2.58)

Based on your budget how much would you be willing to spend on a clear case for your OnePlus 6T?