Best Intermittent fasting apps

Intermittent Fasting


Intermittent fasting is a slightly different approach to getting fit than dieting. It’s more about your eating pattern rather then what you eat throughout the day. It is performed by restricting yourself from eating for a given number of hours a day and by setting achievable targets, it can get fairly easy to do.

It can be done in different ways; by skipping a meal or by simply restricting yourself from eating for a given number of hours in a day or even for a given number of days in a week.

Try it out, with a simple Intermittent fasting app on your device. Here are your choices:


iFasting – Simple Intermittent Fasting Tracker

iFasting is a simple application that can be used for intermittent fast-tracking. It is a decent tool for beginning with a fasting routine or be a tracker for your irregular fasting routines. What’s likable is the option to set fasting targets or even adjust the start and end time for adequate tracking.

For tracking improvements, you can make use of the chart feature and compare your present weight with past data. The UI is pretty much likable but the ads may seem annoying at times.

Download: iFasting

Zero – Fasting Tracker

If you are new to intermittent fasting then Zero can be your starter kit to begin with a fasting routine. The Fasts section makes it a ted easy for beginners to choose a particular type of intermittent fast gain access to expert tips in the learn section to develop a healthier approach to it. Even if you forget to turn on your timer while starting the fast, you can always edit the start time and record the exact duration of your fast.

Coming to the stats feature you get to record and have a look at your fasting journey in the history section. The app even gets you covered for the motivation part with its who’s fasting section where you get to see how many people are fasting with you at the moment.

Download: Zero

FastHabit Intermittent Fasting

If you are looking for an intermittent fasting app that allows you to add your previous fasts and make adjustments to your tracking then the FastHabit intermittent fasting app is worth giving a try. No ads no clutter, just a simple and easy to use UI record your fasts in a timely fashion.

The only reason one may refrain from using the free version is the absence of stats and export feature that demands an upgrade to pro for gaining access. However, you can always make use of the summary element in the stats section to view your fasting data pertaining to the last ten days.

Download: FastHabit

MyFast – Intermittent Fasting Tracker Schedule App

MyFast is a fast-tracking app that allows you to track your fasting routine and weight loss. This one is fairly straight forward and allows you to customize your fasting routine the way you want. You can easily review your performance through self-explanatory performance charts and weight measurements.

You can make use of the schedule section to select your fasting and eating time for the following week and achieve your health goals. The learning guide provided in the app can be a helpful tool for those who are entirely new to intermittent fasting. The app also displays a fair share of nonintrusive ads in a clutter-free interface.

Download: MyFast

LIFE Fasting Tracker

What if you get to perform intermittent fasting with like-minded people who share the same interest as yours? LIFE fasting tracker does exactly that for you. The app allows you to connect with individuals who perform intermittent fasting and create your own circle. This serves to be a highly motivating factor to begin fasting and achieve your targets.

The app offers a diverse range of options that include setting the desired duration for your fast, post your current mood, edit your profile or even share your progress with your circle. Like other intermittent fasting apps, you can track your goal completion and get complete details about your fasting routine through a weekly matrix section.

Download: LIFE Fasting Tracker

Fasting Time – Fasting Tracker & Intermittent Diet

Fasting time is a decent choice to perform and track your fasts, keep a record of your body measurements and before and after photos all at a single place. Although the ads may block your screen whenever you go to the next page but you can simply press the back button to get rid of the ads.

The app UI is simple with minimal ads to provide a good user experience.  The option to edit existing fast makes it easy to edit your start time to when you started your fast. The separate history and stats section makes it convenient to find your desired data in a sorted manner.

Download: Fasting Time

Intermittent Fast – The 14-day beginner programme

Make an easy to adapt fasting routine with Intermittent Fast. Unlike other fasting apps, this one offers you a dedicated section for recipes. Although you need to upgrade to a lifetime membership to access the feature that may not seem feasible for some of us.

Nevertheless, you can make use of other free features of the app, including the option to track your improvements with the success curve. The option to choose your favorite mealtime is quite good as it adjusts your fasting hours accordingly. You can get your fourteen-day plan for effective fasting.

Download: Intermittent Fast

Clear – Intermittent Fasting For Body & Mind

Clear is a simple and easy to use intermittent fasting app that offers a user-friendly interface to set and track your fasting and eating cycles. The app is completely ads-free but does come with some in-app purchases. Like every intermittent fasting app, this one also allows you to adjust your start time for efficient tracking and choose a fasting program that suits you the best.
However, if you are looking for some diverse features such as history, display of stats or fasting guide then this app may not be the best option for you. But for those, who invest in the simplicity of use may definitely get it.
Download: Clear

BodyFast Intermittent Fasting: Coach, Diet Tracker

BodyFast is the app to get if you love your stats to be displayed right on the main page of the app. There are fair chances that you may like the reminder feature that grabs your attention even when you forget about fasting.

The app is fairly simple to navigate and comes with a widget that shows your remaining fasting and eating time. You can also upgrade and take up weekly challenges to stay competitive and motivated. For beginners, the FAQ’s section provides the answers to most of the possible questions you can have about intermittent fasting.

Download: BodyFast

Zero Calories – fasting tracker for weight loss

Zero Calories is an all in one app that not only allows fast-tracking but also allows you to track your daily water intake, weight loss, body measurements, body fat, glucose and ketones to analyze your health. You can simply choose your fasting type under the settings and commence your fasting routine.

You can not only view your improvements through the graph but also export a properly formatted data as per your requirements.  You can even create a group with fellow users and get super motivated by like-minded people to achieve your targets.

Download: Zero Calories

So are you ready to begin your intermittent fasting routine? Get yourself an app and do share your experiences with us.