14 Best Stress Relief Android apps

Best Stress Relief Apps

Being one of the major driving force behind all our negative actions, stress can be tricky to handle at times. The evolution of stress triggering factors has always prevailed and will continue to exist in our lives. Then how can one lead a stress-free life?

While it sounds to be an unachievable task to be happy but it is definitely possible to live a stressfree life through constant efforts and practice. To be your companion in this journey, the Play Store offers some immensely supportive apps to shoo away stress from your life.

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Youper – Emotional Health

Youper is a wonderful application that can be your personal emotional health assistant and full stop on emotional traumas due to regular use. You can use this app to indulge in quick conversations that are driven by therapy techniques which are developed by a highly skilled and experienced team of doctors, scientists, and engineers.

The app works on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) which is a talking therapy that gives you the strength to manage a problem by changing the way you think about it. One can even use it offline and make their way out of anxiety. However, it is definitely not a replacement for medical treatment but can be used along with it for coping with the issue.

Download: Youper

Prana Breath: Calm & Meditate

Prana Breath can be your companion to relieve anxiety, stress and develop resistance from its associated issues. The app offers a total of eight breathing patterns to cope with various issues in an ads-free interface. You may also switch to the Guru (paid) version that offers training to achieve desired results and enables you to track improvements through detailed charts and training logs.

The availability of different exercises for varied occasions makes this app more likable. For those seeking the right meditation practices, this app is definitely a nice option to put your hands on. For detailed guidance, the upgraded version comes with detailed documentation and videos to be your guide to reach a higher level of tranquility.

Download: Prana Breath

Serenity: Guided Meditation & Mindfulness

Serenity is an option to proceed on the path of meditation while learning a variety of techniques to perform it. You can begin your learning with its 7-day audio course and understand the technique of performing meditation skilfully.

Begin learning the basics techniques with the given step by step tutorial to help you learn the technique correctly. The sessions are about 10 minutes long which means you can pursue learning even if you have a busy schedule.

Download: Serenity

Let’s Meditate: Guided Meditation

Get exposed to a series of guided meditation content with an easy to use interface. This app offers a range of short and long meditation tracks to begin in an ad-free interface. It becomes easy to practice meditation with a narrating voice that allows you to focus on practicing meditation rather than watching and reading stuff to perform it.

One of the best is the Zen sleep meditation that calms your mind and relaxes you to drift to a sound sleep. It is definitely a recommended choice for beginners to understand and perform the basics of meditation. However, one may find the background sound to be a bit louder than the narrating voice which can make it hard to understand the instructions.

Download: Let’s Meditate

Mindfulness Coach

Mindfulness Coach can be used as a tool to perform guided mindfulness exercises. You can use its self-guided training program to learn and implement its simple exercises to develop inner peace. The app offers a catalog of exercises while helping you track your performance improvement over time.

You can make use of customizable reminders to perform your training routines effectively. You can use this app to learn the theory behind the techniques and acquire the practical skills to achieve it.

Download: Mindfulness Coach

Meditation & Relaxation: Guided Meditation

The developers of Meditation & Relaxation claim to teach meditation and mindfulness techniques in a time span of seven days. You may like the dedicated meditation programs for achieving your desired goals of gaining focus, self-esteem, happiness, stress-free life or just a quality sleep.

If you are not a fan of endless chat sessions with experts and need a simple app to achieve your objective then its definitely worth trying this app. Even the base version is a satisfactory choice, to begin with and learn the basics of meditation.

Download: Meditation & Relaxation

Ten Percent Happier – Meditation & Sleep

Ten percent happier gives you access to some easy and simple ways to learn meditation through its video and meditation combos. The purpose of the app is to develop a positive approach to life and help you to be happier. And yes, the app actually does that to a certain level.

The premium version is likable as well, as it allows you to know yourself inner self better through guided sessions, daily practices and talks. Overall, routine practice with either its free or paid variant can help you develop some good habits and attract positivity.

Download: Ten percent happier

Dare – Break Free From Anxiety

Dare is like a manual to heal from anxiety, panic attacks, and insomnia. The developers claim to cover all the major anxious situations and be a support for the one dealing with it. The audio tracks are good to listen anywhere at any time. There are plenty of free audios to listen and proceed on the path of healing.

Try it out to keep irrational thoughts at bay and develop positive thinking. Though it is not a replacement for medical treatment but definitely speeds up the recovery process and can be solely used for recovering from acute stress. The conversation is reassuring and leaves a calm effect when listened carefully.

Download: Dare

Wysa: stress, depression & anxiety therapy chatbot

Wysa is way more than stress reliving app, it can be your happiness buddy, anxiety therapist that fights stress through its guided meditation and audios. You can chat with Wysa, improve your emotional health and track improvements in your stress levels.

Although the app cannot be used as a replacement for medical treatment but can be used as a supporting tool for fast recovery from depression, stress and anxiety.

Download: Wysa

Breath Ball: The Stress Relief Breathing Exercise

Breath ball works on breathing exercises techniques to help you achieve mindfulness. All you need to do is to spare five minutes and sit at a peaceful place where you can perform the breathing exercise prescribed in the app and notice the results after a few minutes of practice on a routine basis.

This one can be a great tool for hypertension and get rid of anxiety and stress. You will notice the hike in your mood even after the first five-minute session. The background music that plays along with your breathing session gives a soothing effect and helps you get asleep even when you are stressed. The best part is that you can make out the best from its free version and pay for the upgrade only if it seems necessary for you.

Download: Breath Ball

Meditation relax music – sounds to sleep free

This app can be used as an option to create a positive ambiance around you. It does so with its relaxing music that can be your relaxing aid to get rid of stress. You can pick from relaxing, peaceful, study music and more to focus on a task or calm yourself down for relaxation or deep sleep.

You can pick anything from the 27 music sessions offered in a high-quality format. Try it for drifting to sleep or simply find your cool in its soothing sound waves.

Download: Meditation relax music

Woebot: Your Self-Care Expert

Woebot is a self-help app that provides you a step by step guidance to think out of a traumatic situation. The mood tracking feature is equally helpful to know your emotional standing and track improvements through the course of usage.

However, you will need to give it some time to expect improvements. A  few weeks of usage can show positive improvements. Although, you cannot replace a therapist with this app but yes it’s certainly a wise choice to turn to during those sleepless nights or traumatic situations where you need someone to talk to.

Download: Woebot

Aware: Meditation & Mindfulness

Being a meditation app with a range of features, Aware can help you to get free from stress and anxiety to live a healthy life. The app offers a range of courses, to begin with. but for beginners, it has a 21 days foundation course where you get free access to the course for the first 7 days and pay only if you find it worth it to spend money.

However, if you are going through a stressful phase in life, the app may not sound pleasing as you get to try it for free for the first seven days and later get frustrated with denied access until you make the payment.

Download: Aware

Pixels – Mental Self-Awareness

Pixels helps you to get a deeper insight to your moods and emotions. It is a good pick to track improvements if you are going through a therapy process. If you are done using ads intrusive stress relief apps then try out Pixels.  The app is not completely ads-free but it entirely depends on you whether you want to see an ad to favor the developer which is impressive.

If you kinda like the app, you can press the heart button on the main screen and see an ad as a good gesture. You can record your days for an extended period of a year and start off again. It can be a reliable source to track and improve your mental health and achieve mindfulness.

Download: Pixels

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