The best Android apps that keep yourself hydrated

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Water is the major constituent our body needs for survival. But for most of us, proper hydration is an unachievable task. Why? Because being thirsty is the only way our body reminds us to drink water.

But drinking water only when you feel thirsty is not enough to stay hydrated and healthy. You need to increase your daily water consumption and track your daily intake in order to conclude whether you are following the path of proper hydration or not?

All you will need is a simple app that can track your water consumption and remind you to drink water more frequently.


Drink Water Reminder: Water Tracker & Alarms

With this app on your device, you will never lag behind in terms of body hydration. The Drink Water Reminder app promises to be your personal hydration companion.

The app collects some basic details post-installation such as your weight, gender and current water intake to come up with a tailored daily drink target for you to achieve.

The app is super simple and easy to use with a cute animated water drop that keeps you positive about achieving your water drinking target. You can input your wake up and sleep time in the app settings to prevent yourself from remainder alerts during sleep time.

The app allows you to customize your cup size and record your present drinking status as well. It also allows you to record your drinking pattern and view your hydration statistics in real-time.

Download: Drink Water Reminder: Water Tracker & Alarms

Drink Water Reminder

Another great option you have is the Drink Water Reminder app. This app comes with a range of handy features including options to customize your start and end time of the day to drink water, customize standard ounces (oz) or milliliter (ml) units and cup size.

The app allows you to track your water intake via report chart for a given duration. The option to compare improvements is quite helpful as it allows you to compare the present intake with past data. You can also connect the app with Google Fit for a more dedicated approach to fitness.

You can alter your daily water intake goals under the app settings. The app also enables you to decide how frequently you want to be reminded of drinking water and turn off remainder for a certain time period.

Download: Drink Water Reminder

Drink Water – Drink Reminder, Alarm & Tracker

Drink Water – Drink Reminder, Alarm & Tracker is another great choice ideal to create your personal hydration goals to achieve your desired health objective. The app allows you to set a standard drinking target as per the physical activities you perform and your health condition.

The tool comes with handy features such as customizing reminders, detailed statistics to compare improvements from the past, add information about the weather as it can impact your hydration requirements. The app comes with a range of predefined cup sizes and also gives you the flexibility to customize its size on the basis of volume and color.

Download: Drink Water – Drink Reminder, Alarm & Tracker

Water Drink Reminder

The Water Drink Reminder is one of the popular Water Drinking Reminder apps on Play Store. It is an ideal pick for those who want to stay hydrated and track their daily consumption in real-time.

The long list of features offered by the app includes self-analysis through simple graphs and logs of your schedule, sync your app data with Google Fit and S Health for dedicated health tracking.

Just like other quality reminder apps, the Water Drink Reminder allows you to set your wake up and sleep time to prevent you from unnecessary reminders during sleep time and opt for a hydrating living style.

Download: Water Drink Reminder

Daily Water Reminder – Hydration and Water Tracker

The Daily Water Reminder – Hydration and Water Tracker is another water drinking reminder app that provides a great user experience. Pick this app, if you want to stay hydrated and increase your water consumption effortlessly.

Simply enter some basic details such as your weight and gender in order to allow the app to calculate your daily water intake requirements. The app will set scheduled reminders by default that you can alter as per your requirements.

In order to track your consumption over a given time span, the app comes with an option to display real-time statistics to track improvements by comparing the consumption for the past period.

Download: Daily Water Reminder – Hydration and Water Tracker

Giddy up guys! And let’s take a step towards hydration for good health.