Here are top leather and wallet cases for Samsung Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is the middle-ground between the Galaxy S10e and the pricier Galaxy S10 Plus and offers everything the S10 Plus has to offer in a smaller package but in a slightly smaller battery.

Nonetheless, the Galaxy S10 is perfect for those who don’t fancy large phones yet aren’t willing to pick up the smaller S10e with flat display and traditional fingerprint sensor. The Galaxy S10 packs in the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9820 based on the region.

The glass-sandwich design makes the Galaxy S10 look and feels like a gem; however, this also means the device is a tad more delicate than aluminum shell devices.

Fortunately, there are a bunch of great cases available; however, if you’re looking for a premium feeling case, then you might want to check out some of the best leather cases currently available for the Galaxy S10, as given below.

If you’d like to ditch your wallet, then you might want to check out top wallet cases as well that we have listed below.

We’ve curated a list of some great leather and wallet cases for the Samsung Galaxy S10 to help you choose the perfect case for your shiny new Galaxy S10.


Ciel by CYRILL

If you’re looking for a minimal and basic leather case for the Galaxy S10, then we’d suggest picking up this fantastic case from Ciel by CYRILL. The case is minimal and distraction-free and only has one small logo at the bottom.

The case isn’t made with genuine leather rather is made with high-quality PU leather. The case is also quite sleek and lightweight when compared to other leather cases on the list. The soft microfiber inner layer helps prevent the device from picking up any scratches when the case is installed.

Buy on Amazon: $24.99

Case-Mate – Wallet Folio

If you’re looking for a great fully-fledged wallet case for the Galaxy S10, then look no further than this wallet folio case from Case-Mate. The case is made with handcrafted genuine leather and can hold up to 4 cards along with some cash as well.

The flip cover also acts as a screen protector when the device is not in use. All the buttons and ports on the S10 are easily accessible as well and the case fits the device precisely. This leather case also provides some decent drop protection as well.

Buy on Amazon: $49.99 | Buy on Case-Mate: $60.00

Samsung Genuine Leather Case

Samsung has a bunch of official cases for the Galaxy S10 and this genuine leather case is a must-have if you’re looking for a leather case which is available in multiple colors. The case is fairly thin and light yet does offer some decent scratch and drop protection.

The genuine leather used offers a premium in-hand feel and does not add much bulk to the device. Since the case is made by Samsung itself, it fits the S10 perfectly and all buttons and ports are easily accessible.

Buy on Amazon: $42.88 | Buy on Samsung: $49.99

Mous Origins Case

If you’re looking for a highly durable leather case, then look no further than this cool rugged leather finish case from Mous. The case is available in a few different finishes of which leather is one of them.

The black leather used is genuine leather and offers a great in-hand feel. This is also one of the only leather cases which could protect your device from drops as high as 6 feet as well since the AiroShock technology helps to absorb the impact of a fall.

Buy on Mous: $59.00

Samsung LED Wallet Cover

Here’s the only non-leather wallet case on the list; however, this wallet case for the Galaxy S10 is made by Samsung itself and lets you store cards in the interior pocket. The case feels fairly premium and also has a bunch of LEDs as well on the front cover to display the time as well as notifications.

You could also assign custom LED colors for contacts to know who’s calling or messaging you without having to turn on the screen on your Galaxy S10. The case also provides decent protection from scratches and minor drops and fits the Galaxy S10 perfectly.

Buy on Amazon: $64.99 | Buy on Samsung: $64.99

Noreve Tradition C Leather Pouch

Noreve has some of the best leather cases for a bunch of different smartphones and this genuine leather pouch for the Galaxy S10 is perfect for those who don’t like cases yet want to store their device in a pouch when not in use to prevent the device from picking up scratches.

The leather pouch finish can be fully customized from the Noreve website and you have the option to pick and choose from multiple finishes and styles. The pouch protects the device from shocks, scratches, dust, and dirt and the device rests securely within the pouch.

Buy on Noreve: $56.85

Olixar Stand Case

S10 leather and wallet case 01

Olixar has a reputation for making some high-end quality cases and this leather-style wallet case by Samsung is one of them. It can provide 360-degree protection to your S10 and it does so with its robust plastic frame that lies inside its strong leather style case.

Its built-in viewing stand is ideal for hands-free android experience. The interior card slots make it convenient to carry your cards or other documents right inside your phone cover. And its two year warranty period just makes this case an authentic option.

Buy on Olixar: $12.99

Olixar Canvas Wallet case

S10 leather and wallet case 02

The canvas wallet case from Olixar is preferable for its stylish look and all-round protection from scratches and minor drops. It comes packed with an interior card slot and built-in viewing stand function for flexible and convenient usability.

But you definitely cannot underestimate it to be a heavy case as it comes with a soft microfibre interior and a textured canvas outer layer that refrains it from gaining bulk. So you can easily carry some essentials with your phone itself and get your back covered with a two-year warranty period.

Buy on Olixar: $16.99

Spigen Slim Armor Case

S10 leather and wallet case 03

This Armor wallet case by Spigen is powered by a polycarbonate exterior and shock-absorbing TPU interior making it a reliable option for your device. The case is innovatively developed to come up with a sleek and minimalist design in the form of a wallet case.

However, its exterior holder allows you to carry only two cards which may not sound convenient to some users. But for those who do not want to give in for a flip design and want to carry a card or ID for an emergency may definitely go for it.

Buy on Amazon: $16.99

FYY Handcrafted Wallet Case

S10 leather and wallet case 04

This FYY wallet case is not only capable of holding your cards but also protects it from cyber thefts. It is developed to protect your card from the radio signals that may copy your electronic data otherwise and may result in thefts and loss of private information.

In addition to offering extensive protection, the case is designed to hold some real stuff with card slots and note pocket to carry everything you may need and skip carrying a wallet. You can use its built-in kickstand for enjoying movies or videos or hold it comfortably in your hand without Additional bulk.

Buy on Amazon: $23.99

Maxboost Leather Wallet Case

S10 leather and wallet case 05

Get this stylish case for your S10 if you need a reliable wallet case that offers a lifetime warranty. It provides decent protection from drops scratches and dirt while allowing wireless power share across devices or use its kickstand for endless entertainment.

Providing sufficient storage space is the key behind wallet cases and the Maxboost leather case provides just that. It allows you to carry your cards, cash, receipts, and stuff without struggling to stuff it all.

Buy on Amazon: $10.95


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