Galaxy S10 offers: Microsoft is giving away a free Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad

Samsung Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10 Plus

Now that the Galaxy S10 handsets are among us and fans have already gotten an idea of what they entail and how they look like, the next consideration is whether to pass or buy the phones.

In the case of the latter, there is also the consideration of when to buy the Galaxy S10 handsets. Usually, prices of devices start dropping after several months on the market, but at launch, they are always accompanied by plenty of offers, including BOGO deals, making it a perfect moment to grab one for yourself, especially if you like being ahead of the curve.

The three Galaxy S10 handsets are already available for purchase in the U.S. with shipping having started on March 8th. As you look to get your hands on any of them, in case you haven’t already, you might want to check out these offers to save yourself a few more dollars. Do keep in mind that the offers are limited to time and in some cases, the available stock.

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Retailer Offers (BOGO and more) Details
Microsoft store Buy U.S. unlocked Galaxy S10e (128GB) or Galaxy S10 (128GB) and get a free Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad The S10e and S10 units on offer are black in color and cost $750 and $900, respectively. The deal is available through Microsoft online and offline stores across the U.S. and expires on April 30th.

Also on offer is free 6-month access to Spotify Premium with any S10 purchase

AT&T [BOGO] Buy any one of Galaxy S10, S10e, and S10+ and get another one for free Each requires a minimum of $750 on an installment plan and a new line. The limited offer applies to the S10e, S10 (128GB), and S10+ (128GB) variants after up to $1000 in credits over 30 months. Credits, which start within 3 bills, may be applied towards S10 512GB or S10+ 512GB/1TB. More details
Sprint [BOGO] Buy any of the S10e, S10 or S10+ and get one S10e for free Sprint users who buy the Galaxy S10e, S10 or S10+ get a free S10e payable in monthly credits with purchase. The offer requires an 18-month lease and at least one new and one upgraded lines in your plan. More details
T-Mobile For a trade-in, you get up to half the cost of the S10e sliced off and up to $390 off the purchase of an S10 or S10+ when you get a new line T-Mobile will let you trade-in your older phone and save up to $390 depending on the device being traded in. More details
Verizon Wireless [BOGO] Buy any of the S10 or S10+ and get one S10e for free.

Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+ cases are 25% off during the pre-order period

Verizon Wireless has a BOGO offer that needs you to purchase any of the standard S10 or S10+ and get a free S10e or $750 credit towards a new S10 or S10+. It requires that you activate a new line with the device being bought. More details
Best Buy $100 gift card for the S10e and $200 gift card for the S10 or S10+

Save up to $650

Best Buy has a free $100 gift card for buyers of the S10e and twice this amount for those buying the S10 or S10+, but you must activate the device with any carrier

Best Buy can save you up to $650 when you pre-order, activate the device and trade-in an older handset. More details

Samsung Store Trade-in and save up to $550 Samsung is offering a trade-in that can save you up to $550 towards buying a new Galaxy S10 handset. More details

Note that for anyone who pre-orders any of the three phones between now and March 7th, a pair of free Galaxy Buds will be included in the shipment. The Buds are to be collected from Samsung after filling a promo registration form available in the Shop Samsung app and not the retailer that sold you the device.

eBay deals

The international dual-sim models are now available on eBay at discounted prices already.

  • Samsung Galaxy S10: $799.99 ($100 off)
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: $955.87 ($44 off)
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e: $679.99 ($70 off)

Keep in mind that these devices are the SM-G97xF/DS models which come with the Exynos 9820 chipset rather than the Snapdragon 855 chipset. These models offered on eBay do not come with any region restrictions so you’d be free to use the device in any region.

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