10 Best Emoji apps on Android to help you find the perfect emoji

Best Emoji Apps

To say Emojis are a rage is an understatement. When you are looking to quickly express your mood or vote, nothing can replace Emojis as conveniently. Sure, GIFs can do that, but they aren’t that quick as emoji. Emojis are a great way of expressing our emotions in a fun and engaging manner. You can pick the exact emoji that matches your present feelings and express yourself with an animated character.

In addition to the in-app emojis offered by every social media platform, the Play Store is up with some fascinating apps to make your chats even more exciting and compelling. We did some digging and found some of the best Emoji apps on Android for you right below.

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Best Emoji Android apps

Elite Emoji

Elite Emoji is an interesting app that comes with a lot of emojis for you to explore and send something new for making your chats even more interesting. The bouns is the chatbot feature that lifts your mood through some interesting chats at any tie you want.

In addition to emojis, the app also offers a range of super cool GIF’s, stickers with music and daily ideas that the receiver will definitely enjoy. The free version comes with ads but you can always switch to its low cost paid version to get rid of them and use its vital features.

Download: Elite Emoji

FunType: Emoji Keyboard, GIF, Emoji, Keyboard Theme

While there are many apps that offer a pack of interesting emojis, Funtype gives you access to over a thousand segregated emojis in the form of a keyboard. It is a custom keyboard emoji app that gives you access to packs of emoticons, stickers and GIFs with the flexibility to customize your keyboard the way you want.

The app offers some great features such as the feature to type emoji with music in the form of multilingual keyboard with over a hundred languages and a range of vibrant colorful themes for your keyboard.

The only downsides are the occasional struggles with the addons and availability of quite a few choices in terms of fonts but that is definitely way better than using your phone’s default font option forever.

Download: FunType

Your Personal Avatar Maker & Emoji Maker

Personalize your emojis with your own cartoon avatar, emoji face and sticker avatar. Never feel deprived with your personal emoji maker that comes with a smart keyboard for your Android device. The app is lovable for its variety of options including, the flexibility of settings, customizing your emoji avatar with hairstyles and clothing options for your likability.

The only factor you need to know in advance is that the apps demand you to pay for membership in order to use all the features of the app. If you ain’t willing to pay for the membership thing, you can still use some basic elements of the app with an ad incorporating interface.

Download: Your personal avatar maker

Emoji Launcher – Stickers & themes

The emoji launcher is made for emoji lovers and is a great choice you can make to incorporate the emoji element in your smartphone through a dedicated launcher. With this app on your device, you will never feel deprived of trendy emojis, stickers, stylish themes, HD wallpapers and even call screen themes topped with some dynamic 3D transition effects.

The app is a great pick for lively user experience and floods your smartphone with some really happening themes and wallpapers. However, you should definitely think twice before using this app if you don’t want to experiment with your opening screen and default navigations.

Download: Emoji Launcher

Stickers Planet

Seeking some new emojis for WhatsApp and Facebook messenger? If yes then sticker plant is just made for you. The emojis and stickers by sticker plant will give a way of expression to your emotions and feelings. The funny text feature is worth checking out if you wish to add some wicked humor to your conversations.

To kill some idle time, the app offers a chatbot which is not at all boring to talk to. The stuff is good enough to increase your friends and followers online. However, you will have to lose some money to get some of the premium stickers but the overall concept of the app is pretty good.

Download: Stickers Planet

Bitmoji – your personal emoji

Another option you have for creating personalized emojis is Bitmoji. This app allows you to come up with some likable cartoon avatars of yourself and gives you access to a big library of stickers. The best part is the usability of emojis offered by Bitmoji which are usable for all the major chatting platforms.

The personalized stickers are highly customizable as per your preference with various cartoon styles to choose from; including classic style, deluxe style, and comic style. It offers a range of handy features where you even get the flexibility to get bitmojis for Gboard. To begin using the app, all you need to do is to make your account and sign up for free to begin exploring your cartoon avatars.

Download: Bitmoji

Emojidom Animated / GIF emoticons & emoji

Emojidom offers some funny and engaging GIF emoticons for almost every chatting application you can have on your device. Whether you need emojis to express love, anger, boredom or a sick feeling, the emojidom offers a range of light-hearted emoticons for all these emotions.

The basic reason behind the likability for this app lies in the overloaded cuteness of the animated and GIF emoticons and emojis alike. However, with respect to options, you cannot expect to find a huge library of stickers and emojis to choose from.

Download: Emojidom

i2Symbol Emoji

The i2Symbol Emoji is made for those who love an HD way of expression on social media and chatting platforms. This app offers you an extensive collection of cute emojis, WhatsApp stickers, text emoticons, text symbols, text stylers all in HD.

The app is interesting but you may miss the personalized sticker feature in this one. But its emojis and emoticons are definitely likable regardless of their big size. Overall, it is definitely worth trying to come up with some good conversation lines to make friends.

Download: i2Symbol Emoji

Kika Keyboard 2019 – Emoji Keyboard, Emoticon, GIF

The Kika emoji keyboard comes with an emoji dictionary to provide some interesting emoji prediction. You can personalize your keyboard in terms of color, font, key press sound or resize your keypad effortlessly with one-hand mode and split keyboard layout for other devices.

The only downer for most users is the display of intrusive ads that pop up every now and then. But if we keep the ads part aside, the app is a good option to try.

Download: Kika Keyboard

Emoji Maker – Create Stickers, Emoticons & Emojis

This one gives you room to create your own emojis with plenty of customization options. You can also create your own photo stickers to express yourself in your own ways. With this app on your side, you can create anything from love to unicorn stickers.

Begin creating your emojis and make it usable for chats or even use it over your pictures and other stuff to add some crisp to your uploads. Like other free apps, this one also comes with ads but they only show up while saving your creation for good.

Download: Emoji Maker

Begin your emoji fun with these cool apps and don’t forget to share your choice with us.

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