Animoji for Android: Here are some cool alternatives

Apple just finished their iPhone 8 launch event, and we gotta say it was incredible, gorgeous, best ever ..erm nah! just okay event. But seriously, that Animoji thing from the iPhone X, it looks incredibly fun and super cute. We gotta have it on Android.

It’s not that Android is far, we have some cool apps on the Play Store which lets users share a variety animated emojis that are fun. But Animoji is different. For those who were busy enough to avoid watching the live event, here about Animogy from us.

Apple announced iPhone X with an advanced imaging system on front of the device. The system was built to enable fast and secure Face unlock feature called Face ID for iPhone X since there’s no home button/fingerprint scanner on the device as it has gone all screen on the front now. This new advanced imaging system on front of iPhone X is able to read your face like never before (on a phone), and the Animogy feature takes advantage of this tech to convert your facial expressions into animated emojis. And they look pretty sweet.

Now coming back to our point for this post — Animoji for Android, we believe it should be possible for app developers to bring a app for Android which could do similar stuff as Animogy on iPhone X does. Of course, it won’t be as accurate as on iPhone, but it’ll be something cool.

Also, the Google Allo app on Android devices already have animated emojis support, and it is cute too. Although, they are predefined and won’t animate according to your facial expressions like Animoji on iPhone X does, but it’s something better.

How to send Animated emojis on Android with Allo

  1. Open a conversation on Google Allo.
  2. Tap on the emoji icon inside the area where you type text.
  3. Select an emoji you would like to send.
  4. Now hold the send button and drag it all the way up. This will turn the flat emoji into an animated one.
  5. Release the Send button to send the animated emoji.

Below are some more emoji apps currently available on Play Store which are fun as well. Have a look:

We’ll be sure to update this post when something more promising like comes Animoji comes to Android. Stay tuned..

Image source: The Verge

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  1. That’s not the same ?

  2. Putinthesictator2012

    That’s not the same 🤣

  3. that’s not the same and is ugly af. I really hate blob emojis

  4. that’s not the same and is ugly af. I really hate blob emojis

  5. realy those emojis are horrible, original smileys are so much nicer!!!!

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