10 Android Apps to Help You Maintain Your Car

This time we have car applications to quench your thirst of cool Android apps. Here are some nice apps which will help you to keep a record of everything under the sun which is related to your car. Excited!!! Read on:



With this app you can track almost everything and anything about your car. aCar will help you to keep an eye on the maintenance, mileage and various other expenses of your vehicles. You get all the statistics about avg gal consumption, time between fill-ups, fuel cost consumption, tax tolls paid and much more via this app. This app also gives you the option of extracting your records to Excel compatible CSV format or statistics to Excel compatible CSV and browser viewable HTML.

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My Cars

my 3 my my 2

This app is one of the best fuel tracker app available in the the market. My Cars will maintain records of bill of your car and at the same time will provide you with charts and statistics of fuel and services. It will also show you the distance you cover in a day, month and year and the gasoline used every min, average, max and last.

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Find My Car

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These days parking a car is bad enough but what is worse is looking for it later in the parking lot which has much in similar with a maze. Problem of parking space still remains but now with this app, at least the problem of finding your car will be solved. All  you need is to tap “Remember my current position” when you leave your car and then tap “Find my positions” show your current position and your cars position, after that the app will open Google Maps to navigate you to your car. In Find My Car you can also store multiple locations.

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Speed View

speed 3 speed speed 2

If you love to drive then you would love this app too. When you are on the road SpeedView will tell you your current avg speed, direction, total distance and time traveled. It uses phone’s built in GPS system to show direction and the miles you have travelled, and it comes with a speed graph which displays a graph chart covering last several minutes. Using HUD mode it mirrors the number so you can place the phone under your car’s windshield and see the speed reflected on the windshield. There is more, you can even set different speed limit for different types of road and when you minimize the app while it is running, it will still notify you when you exceed the speed limit, also there’s an option to show your current speed in the notification bar (really, cool!)

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Car Mode

Car ModeDriving and talking simultaneously using a handset is a big safety hazard and hence this app is here to give you some relief from that. Car Mode automatically enables your device to speaker mode whenever you are driving. All you have to do is enable car mode and then you will not have to take your eyes off the road to switch to speaker.

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gas 2 gas

This one is a gas tracking programme which can work for multiple units at the same time. GasRecord helps you to check fillups, fillup location, gas mileage etc of all vehicles in one single list.  It also creates back up data for your SD card and exports report data to Excel.

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Gas buddy 1 Gas buddy

Here is a small solution to the big problem of inflation and high prices of gas. GasBuddy will help you to find the cheapest gas prices in your place(only applicable for USA and Canada). Well not only do you save money on gas but for every gas price reported you also earn points toward prize give away which is an amazing $250 gas gift card every week.This is one app which not only saves your money but also gives you a chance to win some.

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Fuel Calculator

fuel 2 fuel

As the name suggests this app sees to your fuel usage per day. The great part is that the calculation is unit independent, even if euro, litres and kilometres are shown as units you can enter your petrol/gas/diesel/benzine in every gauge and ignore semantics.

Download Fuel Calculator

Car Dock V2

car dock 2 car dock

This app replaces Car Home app if docked in a car. You can take your pick from the list of apps, shortcuts and widgets. In Car Dock v2 the screen saver widget is completely a lifesaver. Try it out and let us know what you think.

Download Car Dock V2

Carango- Car Management

carango 2 carango

Here is an app which is simple  and efficient when it comes to managing your car and one which is also available in a number of languages too. Carango will keep records of your car services, insurance information, oil change and maintenance. It will also provide you with detailed statistics by fuel type and also give service reminders. Even though it is a BETA version and updates pop out now, it is a nice app as it has a clear interface and no annoying ads.

Download Carango- Car Management

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