Angry Birds Friends released for Android, lets you compete with your Facebook friends

Rovio has released a new title in the Angry Birds series for Android (and iOS), called Angry Birds Friends, that lets you invite your Facebook friends and compete with them in weekly tournaments to become the “ultimate pig popper and bird flinger.”

Once you connect your Facebook account to the game and finish the tutorial, you can participate in weekly tournaments against your friends, with the one with the highest score at the end of the week winning. There are silver, bronze and gold trophies you can challenge your friends to, with new levels showing every week. Daily rewards help you out, and you can also send gifts to your friends if you so desire. Oh, and your game is synced with the Facebook version of the game, so you can pick right where you left off no matter where you are.


If you’re worried that this is more of the same but with Facebook integration melded in, don’t be, as Friends includes some new gameplay mechanics as well. You can choose from five special power-ups (one exclusive to mobile users) for a more devastating attack, like shaking up the whole ground or inflating the yellow bird into a big giant balloon to pop all those pigs, all of which puts a nice spin on the basic underlying gameplay that has made the Angry Birds series so massively popular.

Angry Birds Star Wars proved that there’s a lot of fun to be extracted from the franchise even after multiple entries, and Friends should only further confirm that fact (though you probably won’t be swayed if you already have your heart set against playing an Angry Birds game again, for which no one blames you). Just be prepared to get multiple invites to Angry Birds Friends from your Facebook friends, which might get as irritating as those Farmville requests that many hate with a passion.

Angry Birds Friends is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store link below, or directly from your Android device itself.

Google Play Link