Best Camera Apps to Silently Record Videos and Photos

Silent Camera Android Apps

You may think that hidden cameras are often used by private investigators or detectives. But hidden cameras are used for various surprising tasks like recording co-worker activities, interview conversations, and even for recording viral pranks and entertainment videos. Today, we are going to talk about the best apps available on the Play Store which lets you capture videos silently without letting others know.

While sticking to the topic of recording secretly, you may also want to learn how to secretly record voice, or, how to take screenshots on apps that prevent it.

Quick Video Recorder – Background Video Recorder

There aren’t many apps in the Play Store, but Quick Video Recorder is quite a package with all the advanced requirements of a spy/secret video camera app fulfilled. You can change the icon of the recorder app, record a video secretly, hide it from the gallery, edit the video whenever you want and share it with your social media accounts. No one can really find out that the video is getting recorded in the background while you will be using the phone normally for messaging or playing a game.

Download: Quick Video Recorder


iRecorder – Video Recorder

iRecorder app is an alternate for Quick Video Recorder with a similar interface and settings. iRecorder app is available in various other languages too while Quick Video Recorder (QVR) is available only in the English language. The rest of the options are the same as QVR with little tweaks here and there. If you are unable to use QVR for any reason, you can use iRecorder app. Both the iRecorder and Quick Video Recorder apps support password protection for better privacy and control.

Download: iRecorder

Background video recorder

Background Video Recorder is a simple app with a minimalistic interface. Even though there aren’t many features like don’t show notifications while recording, change the icon or add widgets, edit a video, etc. BVR still does the job quite well in recording the video and audio silently while letting you use the phone normally. Some features might not work in beta Android OS versions and there are enough ads displayed in the app to keep you busy.

Download: background video recorder


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  1. You have included good apps here, but personally, I prefer the more modern one called XSCamera: Record Privately!

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